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Kasthuri Knew Her Baby Had A Fatal Heart Defect Even Before He Was Born And Now She Needs Help

Kasthuri and her husband Tamilselvan should have been rejoicing at the birth of their newborn baby girl. Instead, their nightmare began within seconds of her birth. Their newborn baby has a Ventricular Septal defect meaning a hole in the wall separating the ventricles of the heart. He needs an open heart surgery at the earliest, if not it could turn fatal.

She was hopeful that baby will be born healthy but fate had other plans

This was Kasthuri's first pregnancy and she was on cloud nine. She was determined to keep herself and the baby healthy despite the poverty. Unfortunately, the tragedy began even before the childbirth. In the 4th month of her pregnancy, a scan revealed that baby's development was abnormal. However, she believed that medicines and healthy foods will help baby to be born healthy.

Unfortunately, the newborn baby was taken straight to ICU as soon she was born. Kasthuri was totally heartbroken to know that her hopes and prayers have failed her. She knew the baby was some health issue but she was not prepared to know that baby is fighting a critical heart problem and the life is at risk.

“I was hysterical, I thought she was dying. I was trying to feed, all of a sudden she struggled to breathe. Now she is fighting every breath in the ICU on the ventilator”” says Kasthuri
She needs to have an open heart surgery at the earliest

Father works as a driver, feels guilty for not being with the wife at the crucial time

Tamilselvan works as a tour driver and is always on the road. With the bills rising, he cannot afford to take even a day off his job and be with his newborn at the hospital. He does not understand the problem but he is determined to save his baby at any cost. With Rs. 6000/month salary, this father is struggling to meet the expenses.

“Nothing is as dreadful as the thought of newborn babies being threatened to lose the life they have just been given.  I can’t imagine losing her but I don’t have enough money to save my own baby. I feel guilty” says Tamilselvan
Parents cannot afford the surgery

How can you help

Tamilselvan has nothing to sell and he has exhausted whatever little savings he had. He is desperate to save his baby but the surgery requires Rs 3 lakhs which is beyond his means.

Your contribution can help baby of Kasthuri to survive and live a normal life.

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