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Cancer threatens to destroy the last hope of an old couple. Help them save their son

Kashirayappa hails from an agricultural background. His parents are both in their 60s and are farmers under heavy debts. He is his parent's hope and support. Without him, they face a desolate, lonely future. Help Kashi's parents save him from cancer.

Chemotherapy does not always cure cancer

The first month after chemotherapy, Kashi had continuous nausea for 20-days and even trouble getting up. Things got better in the second month, when the side effects seemed less harmful. But it turned out that even this punishing chemotherapy is not enough.

Taking on responsibilities at an early

From a young age, Kashi shouldered financial responsibilities of the house. For most of his student life, he has balanced studies and a part-time job. But things changed when Kashi started falling ill frequently. Soon after he was diagnosed with first-stage cancer, he had to let go of his part-time job too.

Now, Kashi's aged father is forced to undertake hard labour to provide for Kashi's treatment. The crops they grow on their small plot suffice only enough for their own consumption.

Blight on a young, promising life

Kashi is 23-years-old and was passionately pursuing his education while working as a part-time lecturer. He completed his BA and BEd from Bijapur and had just started his MA in Belgaum. Just two-months later, he developed chronic fever. He went to a doctor in Bijapur and got tests done. The tests showed very low platelet counts and the doctor diagnosed it as first stage of blood cancer.

Kashirayappa is his parents' youngest child. He has five elder sisters and all of them are married. His mother and father live in a village back in Bijapur. Kashi, as he is called at home, is the hope of his family. The family owns a farm where they grow corn and rice. The crops grown in their land is just about enough for their own consumption, and is highly dependent on seasons.

Kashirayappa’s father is also in debt as he had previously borrowed money for his daughters' weddings. The father now has to take up daily-wage jobs to clear his debts. These jobs are usually hard chores unsuited to a man in his sixties.

The family’s annual income is now Rs 11,000, with seasonal changes in their crop cultivation.

Kashi initially went for  treatment in Maharashtra, but unfortunately the treatment there was very expensive. He took his cousin's advice came to Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore, where he was advised to undergo an urgent BMT. It has been two months since the doctors at NH  started chemotherapy for Kashirayappa.

His sisters have been taking turns and looking after Kashirayappa. He is currently staying with one of his sisters and his brother-in-law in Bangalore for the treatment.

His BMT is scheduled in the first week of December. The approximate cost of the surgery is 12L. This is way beyond what Kashi's old parents can arrange. Your support could keep Kashi alive. 

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