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My Small Baby Has Multiple Holes In His Heart And We Need Help Saving Him

My son Jasmanth was born after a wait of four long years. We couldn't have been happier when we held him for the first time. I was excited, spreading the good news to my family and friends and staring in awe at my angel. It was an entirely blissful journey but it did not last for long. When he turned 4 months, my husband and I stood numb next to doctor while he was explaining my son's heart disease which can turn fatal without a surgery.

It started with a terrible cough and cold accompanied with breathing trouble

 Jasmanth was full of life and energy. Suddenly he had a severe cough and cold. Although it seemed to be very normal and innocent enough it turned out to be monster within few days. He developed breathing trouble. I rushed him to hospital. After a series of tests, doctors told that my son has holes in his heart and needs surgery at the earliest. Beyond those words, I froze and it was only the beginning.

Doctors told me that he has it from his birth. This was a lot for me to take in, a sense of guilt choked me. Jasmanth was pink and lovely, I didn't see any signs of what was killing him until he turned 4-months-old.

 Jasmanth has heart disease and needs surgery at the earliest 

I couldn't live in peace another moment without doing everything in my power to ensure we cure this disease. My husband and I came to Secunderabadfrom Vizag for his treatment. We had only Rs 12000 with us in our hands. We couldn't afford a bus, we traveled in the general compartment in the train. People with us were kind-hearted, seeing my son's condition they gave us seat throughout the journey.

There's nothing that can really prepare to see our son battling for life. The very word, surgery, was terrifying, I still could not understand how his little body can endure it but this is inevitable. I was worried but this surgery will allow him have the normal life possible and I was willing to do anything for it.

Jasmanth is now battling pneumonia

I thought he was recovering but it was one step forward and three steps back. His cough and cold became severe accompanied by the breathing trouble. It was too difficult to grasp the news when doctors told me that he has pneumonia and surgery is not possible until it settles down.

Parents are struggling to save his life

I feel completely lost, I don't know what I can do to save his life. I'm allowed to see him only for an hour a day. Every time I dread that I might not see him again! I collapsed on the floor when this thought occurred to me for the first time. I couldn't bear to even imagine that. I can't forget that smiling face that brightens up our lives. I'm desperate to see him smiling again. I'm waiting every moment to hold him in my hands.

 Jasmanth needs a prolonged stay in the ICU

My husband and I have no one to talk to in this new place. We don't know what we can do. A meal cost Rs 60 and we try to skip our meals as much as possible to save money. I know I can't save much by skipping meals, but I don't know what I can do, I feel guilty and terrible. I can't go back home without my son.

Parents are worried that they might lose their only son

Doctors said that he needs prolonged treatment to clear the infections in his lungs and take up the surgery. We have a very difficult and painful journey ahead. My son has not started his life but the little one is battling for his life. He deserves a life, I do not ask for anything in life but my son.

Jasmanth needs treatment for battling pneumonia and heart disease

How can you help

We do not have any source of income now, my husband was a daily wage worker. He was earning 280 per day. We have exhausted everything we had. I'm relying on the strangers to help my son. We need Rs 4 lakhs for the treatment. Only your support can save his life. I live with a hope that I can go home back with my son. I'm waiting to give him all my love and care. Please support me.

Your contribution can give him a chance to live his life!

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