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Image of the Day [14.06.2011]

Today's image of the day shows apparel sold by the IOU Project. This project sells dresses, shirts, scarves, and many other items of apparel through a combination of weavers, designers, social network engagement, and loyal customers.

Woven by weavers in India, the material used to make these products are inspired by the patterns often found in Tamil Nadu. Artisans in Europe and other parts of the world use the material to create stylish clothes (see above, below). The other key players in the IOU project are the Trunk Show Hosts. A Trunk Show is essentially an online shop of the IOU Project, put up by interested fans of the Project, through Facebook. This lets the IOU Project reach a vast network of people quickly and easily. Commisions are given to the 'salesmen' of these online shops, and double the price of the items are paid back to the original weaver.

The IOU Project follows a unique and innovative model that truly connects Indian weavers with global buyers in an amazing way. The idea behind the IOU Project is Kavita Parmar, who dreamt of a sustainable, artisan-made line of clothing that wasn't just focused on 'faster, cheaper'.

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The Real Madras IOU scarf