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How To Make A Difference In Your Life? Lets Learn A Lesson From Arjun Dhane.

Arjun Dhane is a resident of Satara, Maharashtra. His father is an ST bus driver and his mother is a housewife. One of the predicaments he faced in life was getting a loan from banks, since it involved a lot of procedures and paperwork. He approached Milaap for a loan and the process being super easy, he got the loan in an instant. With the amount, he was able to attend a training course at one of the leading diploma schools in India.  how to make a difference in lifeThe course provides him expertise in spoken English, communication skills, how to handle interviews and basic computer knowledge. He is sure that all these skills will help him shape his future. Before he had joined the classes, Arjun had very low self-esteem, he was shy and quite unsure of his future. With this course in his kitty, he not only feels more confident himself, but has also learnt that where there is a will, there is a way. How to make a difference in your life? Lets learn a lesson from to make a difference in your lifeThere are several such youngsters out there who dream big, but are held back due to financial constraints. How about you help them make a difference in their lives? You can also pledge your special day; birthday, anniversary, wedding day etc and raise funds for a cause that is dear to you.