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3-Month-Old Baby's Will Not Survive If He Doesn't Get An Immediate Heart Surgery

I am Ram Bahadur, father of 3-month-old Vikram. My son has a serious heart disease and requires an emergency surgery to survive. My baby is in a lot of pain and despite being his father, I feel like I can't do anything for him because I am poor.

My baby was diagnosed with a heart problem right after he was born. Doctors say he needs a shunt in his heart to make it function normally again. We went to different hospitals hoping to hear something that gave us hope. But everywhere we go - we are told he needs a surgery that I cannot afford. 

My baby cries all the time, and we don't even understand why. He cannot talk and so we don't what is upsetting him or if we can do something to make him comfortable. It pains me that at an age when he should be crying for food and sleep, my baby is probably crying because his heart is not beating properly. We are all suffering with him. Vikram takes up all our will and energy. Our daughters get a bit neglected and they don't deserve it. It's not their fault they were born into this family.

Now is the time to save Vikram

The doctors say that now is the critical time, and that if we don't arrange for the funds at the earliest, we will not be able to save our baby. It will be too late to do anything later. We have three kids and they are everything to us. Everything that we are and everything that we do is for their well-being, to ensure that their lives are better than ours. Losing our baby for lack of money is too painful for us.

I am from Nepal, we have lived in Punjab for past 7 years. I came here for better opportunities, but things never got bigger than Rs 5000 per month working long hours in a restaurant. My wife is at home to care for our children. We stay in a small rented house close to my workplace and whatever little I make, is spent on keeping a roof over our heads. I have no savings.

How Can You help?

The doctors say that the estimated cost of entire treatment is Rs 2.75 lakhs but we don't have the resources to arrange for even half of it. Without help, we will lose our baby. The cure is right in front of our eyes, but we will not be able to reach it because we have no money. Please help me save my little boy, I will forever be in your debt. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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