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Even After Spending His Entire Salary On Treatment, Arvind Is Not Able To Save His Mother

Arvind is a 33-year-old shop worker. His mother Vipulakshi has a rare blood disorder that causes bone-marrow failure. Just to give her a monthly blood transfusion – Arvind needs to spent Rs 6,000. His only option to save his mother is a bone-marrow transplant. A process he cannot afford.

Arvind with his mother at the hospital getting her a blood transfusion

Since their father's death, Vipulakshi has been her children's strong pillar

Arvind's father passed away when he was only 16. Since then, Vipulakshi has taken care of Arvind and his sister – who is mentally ill. Both Vipulakshi and Arvind took jobs to meet household expenses. The early years were a difficult time for Arvind.

“When father was alive – I never had to do anything. We led a sheltered life. After he was gone, I tried to study, but couldn't. I started taking on odd jobs so we had enough to eat. My mother stayed strong and worked very hard – managing a small job and taking care of us,” recalls Arvind.

Vipulakshi with her daughter and son

She worked until she fell sick

Vipulakshi took a job near a factory and along with the pension from her husband's job earned Rs 3,000. Arvind started working as a shop helper to stay near home to help take care of his sister. He earned Rs 8,000. It wasn't much, but they were able to at least feed themselves, till Vipulakshi became sick.

Since August last year, Vipulakshi started having fever and aches. Her energy levels were so low, she would fall asleep in the day. This was very unusual behavior for Vipulakshi who always kept herself occupied. In a few months, her blood disorder Aplastic Anemia was diagnosed.

Vipulakshi is a fighter and even now tells her son to be brave and not worry

“I want to save the one parent I have left – at any cost”

Arvind works from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day at the shop. The only holidays he takes are when he needs to take Vipulakshi to the hospital. Since his mother became sick, Arvind has become the sole earning member of the family. He manages this hectic job but also take Vipulakshi to the hospital and care for his sister. 

His meager salary of Rs 8,000 is barely enough to buy his mother the blood and medicines she needs. Of late, Arvind has been unable to even pay his house rent, but what is eating him more is his mother's illness. The doctors say that the only way out is a bone-marrow transplant – a procedure he cannot afford.

Arvind is working very hard to get his mother the treatment that can save her life 

“I am behind on some monthly payments but I need to make sure mother gets her treatment. I am willing to sacrifice every thing for her. My sister needs her too. To see her so unwell – unable to get up or do anything is what is more difficult than financial difficulties,” Arvind says.

Arvind needs to arrange Rs 15 lakhs to get a bone-marrow transplant that will cure Vipulakshi once and for all. At the moment he needs to work close to his house in case there is an emergency. He hopes that if his mother gets a little better and he can find a more lucrative job and take care of his family.

How you can help

Arvind is struggling to manage finances. He is unable to even pay his house rent for last month.

Your contribution will help him get the right treatment for his mother who is his pillar of support.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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