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A Hit And Run Accident Has Left This Musician Fighting For His Life In The ICU

Vinay was crossing the road when a drunken driver in a car hit him and fled. He suffered from multiple fractures on his leg and his hand and has a severe head injury. While some good samaritans came forward and helped to take him to the nearest hospital, others called his wife, Vidya.

Vidya came rushing to the hospital with the children. But Vinay didn't respond - he was unconscious for several days. Vidya had almost given up when only yesterday, Vinay opened his eyes - she felt as if God had answered her prayers. But Vinay has to put up a long fight, Vidya worries if she will be able to support her husband in that...

One surgery can save him and his family but they can’t afford it

Doctors have told Vidya  that surgery can help Vinay slowly get back to his normal life. After the surgery, it will take a  year for Vinay to fully recover. But that seems like an impossible dream for Vidya.

“Doctors had said that he needed to wake up for the surgery, we were scared when he did not wake up for days. He is awake now but the surgery still cannot be done because there is no way I can arrange for this much money," - Vidya, wife. 

Vinay is a performer - he plays the drums. Music is life and he also earns his bread and butter with that. He does gigs and gets paid in return. Yes, it sounds exciting and fun but that's not always the case for Vinay. Sometimes there are shows and sometimes he has to wait for months to get one. His income also is not a fixed one. 

Vinay with playback singer, Nagoor Babu (Mano)

He used all he had to save his mother from cancer

“A few years back Vinay’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and he did everything he can to save her,”- Kiran,  friend
Vinay has a heart of gold. He did everything he could to save his mother. He sold jewelry, took loans and used all his savings for her treatment. She survived but only for a year and half. After that all he was left with was insurmountable debt

But what if he doesn’t make it?

Vinay is the only earning member of the family. He has two small children of age 3 and 5. Vidya is a housewife and with no one else to help, it would become very difficult for her to take care of her little kids.

“Vinay is a very humble person, it’s really painful to see him like this. He needs to survive at any cost or else his family will suffer a lot. We, friends, have been doing whatever we can to support them, but it's not enough. Please help us," - Kiran

Vinay with famous music director, Ilayaraja

Help Vinay undergo a brain surgery, his family needs him. He has very high chances of survival only if the surgery is done on time. With your help not only Vinay but his wife and kid's life will also be saved. With your kind contribution it is possible.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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