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Swathi Needs Help To Save Her Newborn Twins Who Were Born Extremely Premature

“I was over the moon when I got the news that I was blessed with twin boys. I was waiting to see them, but my husband told me that they were kept in ICU. I wanted to hold them in my arms. The first time I saw them they were covered in tubes. Now all I can do is look at them through the glass and pray that they should live” - Swathi, mother

Swathi's twin boys were born two months before the due date

Throughout her pregnancy, Swathi had gone through a lot of complications. Despite all that, she was determined to bring her babies safely into the world. In the fifth month of her pregnancy, the babies were about to slip from her uterus and so she had stitches done to keep the babies in her womb. 

“I was extra cautious during my pregnancy but there were several complications. Every minute, it was as if I was protecting them by keeping them inside. I bore the pain and suffering to see them healthy. But when they came into this world, 2 months earlier, I knew I had to do everything to keep them safe."-Swathi

The twins suffer from multiple complications and need ventilator support 

As the babies are prematurely born, they are kept in a glass box. The first baby is diagnosed with a hole in the heart and he bleeds from the mouth and has internal bleeding in brain. He is kept in ventilators and is in a very critical condition. The second baby is born underweight and hence kept in intensive care. The second baby is breathing through a CPAP machine now. Both the babies need to be kept in ICU for 3-4 weeks.

“Every time I go to the hospital, I see other mothers holding their babies, I look at them and feel bad as I can’t hold my babies. I could only touch their hands or just look at them. - Swathi

Swathi’s husband is an electrician who sold everything they owned for their sons' treatment

Rambhupal Reddy is an electrician who earns Rs 200 per day and has no fixed income. To save his sons, he has sold his house and the land that he possessed. He is now left with no home and has even sold Swathi’s jewellery to keep up with expenses. He has also has taken many loans at high interest. Now he has exhausted all the money he borrowed and arranged and needs help.

“ My husband tried every possible way to meet the treatment expenses. He has asked every person he knows and made every effort to save our babies. He even sold everything that he owned just to help our sons' recover from this fatal condition. Looking at our sons' severe condition, he even stopped working and constantly worries about meeting the treatment expenses for the next day.” - Swathi

How you can help

Swathi’s twin boys are in a very critical condition. Since the day Swathi delivered her babies, she couldn't even hold them. She cries every day and wants nothing more than her babies to be saved. With your help, she can save their lives. 

Your support will save these 14-day-old twins' life. 

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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