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6-Year-Old Who Feels Her Head Will Explode With Pain Needs Urgent Surgery To Survive Brain Damage

“She’s had fever and cold for 6 months. Every day, I wash 5 towels and a few handkerchiefs because of how much she wipes her nose. She would scream out of headache and say that her head and face feel heavy. At that time, we were told it is blocked sinus. She tried steaming and medicines. Nothing worked. After 6 months, we found out that her brain is damaged. It is not mucus, it is the spinal fluid leaking from her nose.” – Sunil, Father

There is a hole in the membrane that protects her brain

Tiyana had always been an active child. She was studious, friendly and a leader at school. She loved to read and paint. Since September, her personality has changed. It started with fever, then cold, persistent piercing headaches. Her grades started falling. She stopped reading. Her parents took her for an eye checkup. Everything was fine. When her nose started to leak more, and they realized it was not normal, they started searching for answers. Only last week, after taking a series of tests at Apollo hospital, they found that the fluid was leaking from a hole in the membrane of the brain through her nose.

"Doctors said that she immediately needs a surgery to block the hole and any delay will affect her brain. If she gets brain fever, it will be very difficult to save her.” - Preetha

She is determined not to give up her 1st rank title

Tiyana has not been to school since last September. She was frequently hospitalized for high fever. She would come home seemingly better and in the next few days, she would again debilitating headaches. However, her spirit is not crushed. She talks to her friends over the phone, when her teachers visited her, she promises to get 1st rank in the exams. Unfortunately, her condition is deteriorating and she may not even be able to appear for her exams.

"She innocently asks me, "I don't watch TV, why do I get headache?' We keep making up reasons. Every time I see her, I'm reminded of doctor's warning about the delay in surgery, I don't know how I can manage this. It will break her spirit if she cannot write her exams." - Sunil.

"I don't even have money for scans and medicines, how can I afford surgery?"

Sunil is a driver and earns Rs 12,000 per month, to care for his wife and two children. He has spent 2 lakh so far by selling his jewelry and borrowing from his friends and relatives. Now he needs Rs 5 lakh for the surgery. Tiyana's fever and headache are under control now but the fluid has not stopped leaking and every passing day is a risk on her life without the surgery.

Sunil is left with nothing and there is no one whom he can turn for help, he needs your help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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