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Single Mother Struggles To Save Her Daughter From A Heart Condition On Rs. 150/day Income

"I prayed to have a child for 12 years. Sweetha is my life. I will stop living if something happens to her. My husband does not care that she is sick, even when he heard that she might die."
4-year-old Sweetha means the world to her mother Parvati who has raised her all alone. The little girl's father abandoned the family even before she was born. Regardless, she has grown up to be a strong-willed, happy and enthusiastic child who lives to make people smile. Unfortunately, she has a heart condition and without an urgent surgery, her heart might stop beating soon. 

A single mother's struggle to raise her daughter 

Sweetha was born in a village near Kadayanallur in Tirunelveli. Parvati was married to Pandi for over 12 years. He would always gamble, and never cared about family. After Sweetha was born, Parvati realized her husband did not even care for the child. He eventually abandoned them. She now lives with her parents in the same village.
"For 4 years, I have been working at a brick factory for Rs. 150/day to raise Sweetha. I do not think my life is difficult. Fathers always do this for their family, why shouldn't a mother? Sweetha is a kind, beautiful and loving child. Everyone says she is so chutti! She is very mature for her age. She makes all this worthwhile."

Ignorance caused delay in Sweetha's treatment 

Parvati did not know Sweetha was sick from birth. A few years ago, Sweetha had a persistent fever. A local doctor suspected a heart condition and urged Parvati to consult at a hospital. Afraid to go to Chennai, Parvati sought another local hospital in the city of Tirunelveli. They diagnosed her with a hole in the heart and said she needed expert treatment at Apollo.

"I thought it was not so serious. They kept saying go to Apollo. I assumed it was just to make us spend more. I did not realize it was life-threatening. Finally, Sweetha complained of pain in her leg. She would not walk even a few steps. She could not breathe and continuously asked me to carry her. I took her to Apollo. After tests, I discovered how critical she was. They said if we did not perform the surgery, she would die."

Her father does not care whether she lives or dies

Parvati barely has the money to take Sweetha to Chennai for followups. The family has been pleading with villagers for help without much luck. Although the father lives in the same village, he did not care when he heard that Shweetha's heart might stop beating. Parvati is now afraid that she will lose the only person she has been living for.

"The surgery costs Rs. 2 Lakhs. I cannot afford so much money. My parents are elderly. I take care of them. I take care of my daughter. Now I feel like I am failing them all."

Your contribution can save little Sweetha's life, and give this family a future they much deserve.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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