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Sonu’s 3-Year-Long Struggle With Liver Disease Can Come To An End With This Liver Transplant

Since three years, we have been going to so many hospitals and doing so many tests but none of them told what was happening to my little boy, why he had frequent fevers. One moment he is happy and smiling but all of a sudden he would get so weak. Now we know that his liver is failing but we are left with nothing to save him. We spent all we had in these 3 years of his treatment, " - Sunita,mother

Sonu (8) suffers from cirrhosis of liver - his liver doesn't function like that of a normal person's.  He needs an urgent liver transplant without which he won't survive.

He is in ICU battling for his life

"I have experienced it before...fear of losing a child. But this time it is 100 times more painful and scary. Sonu is in the ICU struggling to survive. Doctors say that liver transplant is the only cure and...and we are unable to do anything.."- Yugender, father

The couple lost their first child to a heart disease when the baby was just 4 days old. Watching Sonu go through this near death experience is killing them.  

For a mason like me 27 lakhs is an unimaginable amount

Yugender is a daily wager. He works as a mason and what he earns is not sufficient to save his son from this deadly disease. Yugender hasn't been able to go for work because of Sonu's sickness. They are not able to afford their basic meals now.

"We live in a small village there is nothing much I could do to earn money. But I work as a tailor whenever possible but what good would 100-150 rupees do, it will never be enough."- Sunita

He has lost so much weight in just the last few days

Sonu was healthy by birth but when he turned 5, his troubles began. He fell sick quite often. He couldn't go out and play, eat his favorite food. He even stopped going to school, he became very weak because of the disease. The liver disease has also stunted his growth.

"He is 8 years old and somehow managed to pass his 1st standard.  He is not even 20 kgs...I cannot bear it, looking at him, all dull as if there is no life left in him. I just want my Sonu back... I just want a normal life for him.."- Sunita

Sonu needs an urgent liver transplant to survive but the family is not in a state to afford it. They have tried everything they could and now they are left with no other option. They need help.With your help Sonu can lead a normal life. Your help can save this 8 year old's life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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