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16-Year-Old Needs Urgent Help To Survive After A Tractor Ran Over Her And Crushed Her Intestines

"I carried her wounded body in my arms to the hospital. All along the way she was heavily bleeding and it was difficult to figure out from where all the blood was flowing.  As she lay motionless in my hands, I did not know whether she was alive or dead" - Timmareddy, father, with teary eyes.

She met with a fatal accident when she was looking to join a new college

Sirisha was an ambitious young girl with bright hopes for her future. She passed 10th grade with outstanding marks. She aimed to be a veterinary doctor as she wanted to care for the voiceless beings.

"My daughter and her uncle were travelling on a two-wheeler to the college, which was 5 kilometres away from our village. Unfortunately, a tractor hit the vehicle and ran over my child. While her uncle was left with minor injuries, she nearly met death as the tyre of the heavy vehicle crushed her. We rushed her to the hospital in Tirupati but they couldn't stop the bleeding, so we took her to a hospital in Chennai. Along the way, she was bleeding heavily so she had to undergo blood transfusion in the vehicle itself," - Timmareddy.

Sirisha must undergo multiple surgeries to reconstruct her lower abdomen 

Sirisha's intestines were crushed, her leg and hand were fractured and she was left with multiple injuries in this unfortunate accident. Sirisha had to undergo a major abdomen surgery, where broken and damaged parts of her intestines were removed. They were replaced with prosthetics to ensure proper functioning. She also had a surgery for her hip joint which was attached using screws and a rod.

"My daughter is not even able to normally pass stools and urinate, her abdomen is connected to a pouch to collect the waste. Her anal has to be reconstructed and a hole in her back should be closed, for her to be normal. After the treatment, she needs to be admitted to the ICU for at least a week. Without these surgeries, I might soon lose my child," - Timmareddy.

The fatal accident has left the family shaken

"Even in this agonising pain she asks me 'Nanna, will I ever be able to study and wear a white coat?' My heart flinches when she asks such questions. She is unable to sit and stand for even 2 minutes. She is too little to bear so much pain. She holds her mother tightly and cries the whole night. At times, my wife runs out of the hospital and cries out loudly," - Timmareddy.

Her family is neck-deep in debt and unable to save their daughter

Timmareddy who runs a small dairy farm in Boddubandlapalli is overburdened with the expenses of the treatment. It has become difficult to run the family with his meager income of Rs 2000 a month. He has already spent 7.5 lakhs on her treatment and exhausted all his earnings. Now the family is in major debt.

"I begged and borrowed money from relatives and friends for my daughter's treatment. I did everything that I could and now I am lost in every way. I am overwhelmed by the expenses of the treatment. With the milk that I sell, I'll never be able to earn so much money in my life," - Timmareddy.

How You Can Help

16-year-old Sirisha met with a major accident which left her body crushed and needs urgent multiple surgeries to survive. The family needs 10 lakhs to save their loving daughter. Without treatment, she will not be able to make it and your help can save her life.

Your support will save Sirisha's life.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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