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This Is A Desperate Father’s Struggle To Save His 7-Month-Old Baby’s Life In 7 Days

If anyone in your family has ever suffered through an illness, you will understand Umesh’s helplessness. If you’re a parent, you will feel the heartbreak when you’re told that you have only 1 week to save your baby. Umesh and Puspa’s 7-month-old baby girl is suffering, and this is no ordinary disease - it can kill her. The deep yellow of her eyes, her watermelon sized belly and her painful cries are proof enough. Her liver is failing. 

I’m running out of time to save her. From today, I just have one week left. You ask me what it feels like to see your baby like this…. It feels like if I leave her side for even a second, I will never see her again. There’s not a single moment she’s not in pain, not a single moment where I don’t regret not bringing her earlier. I’m late.” – Umesh, father

Even after one month of begging and borrowing, I couldn’t start her treatment

One month ago, Umesh and Puspa found out Shristi has a severe liver disease. Only a liver transplant could save her. But how could Umesh afford to even take her from Assam to Hyderabad for treatment? Let alone afford the transplant. He did everything he could. He asked his friends in the hotel where he works, guests who heard about his struggle even helped a little – nothing was enough.

“We had lost enough time. While I was out trying to arrange for money, my baby was at home getting sicker with each day. Her stomach started swelling more. It was scary. When we finally managed to take her to Hyderabad, we were told we have two weeks to save her. One week has gone by, and I have nothing. Only one more week is left.

As you read this, baby Shristi is crying out in pain

Puspa and Umesh have to be very careful when they carry baby Shristi. They have to make sure not to hurt her, or press her stomach even by mistake. It sends a shooting pain through Shristi’s body, and she cries out loudly. The crying doesn’t stop for hours.

“We live in a rented room near the hospital because anything can happen at any time. We have to be close by. I haven’t gone for work since we’ve been here. I earn Rs. 10,000 per month, now I don’t have even that. I can’t even look for work here because my baby needs me. I’m doing everything I can.”

In 7 days, this 7-month-old’s liver will completely fail without your help

Baby Shristi is now barely surviving on medicines. Umesh and Puspa are devastated watching their only child suffer so much. They know she’s living on borrowed time without the transplant.

Unfortunately, if baby Shristi doesn’t get help soon, her liver can give up on her completely. She has 7 days to get a liver transplant and only you can help her.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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