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This Domestic Help Is Struggling To Save Her 2-Month-Old Baby From Severe Pneumonia

“Sometimes when he opens his eyes, I call out his name in the hope that even for a split second, I can see his eyes light up with recognition. But he stares blankly at me. I keep telling him “Sameer beta, mumma is here” but he doesn’t make a sound. Sometimes he moves his little hands and feet, but my baby is lost amidst all the tubes and machines around him. It’s the only thing keeping him alive, and in my heart, I know that we’ll lose him if we can’t keep him here.”  - Sufiya, Baby Sameer’s mother.

In the quiet corner of the PICU, 2-month-old Sameer wakes up every day, alone, to the beeping noise of the machines around him. For all the little one knows, this is what life entails. But his heartbroken parents, Sufiya and Murshid, know that there is a happy, healthy life waiting for their baby outside the hospital. Unfortunately, without treatment, their baby won't survive.  

Baby Sameer has severe pneumonia and can’t breathe without the ventilator

For over 2 weeks now, Sufiya and Murshid had been taking turns to stay at the hospital where their baby is suffering from severe pneumonia and infection. Sufiya spends the day there, while Murshid rushes to the hospital after work and spends the nights on the floor of the waiting room.

There have been days when his condition has gotten so bad that we thought he wouldn’t make it to the next morning. But the next day he would stabilize and there would be hope again. It's very unpredictable. It’s only now that his pneumonia and infection are reducing, but without medical care, we will lose him. I don’t think I have the strength to lose another baby.”

Sufiya and Murshid lost their first baby in 24 hours, and now risk losing their baby boy 

Our first baby survived only for a day. I held my little girl in my arms then and told her I would do everything to protect her, but she was taken away from us. She had a swelling in her stomach and before they could do anything about it, she was gone. I was depressed and gave up all hope of ever becoming a mother, but then I was blessed with a baby girl. It’s been 6 years and she’s healthy and active. I had hoped the same for Sameer. This is a parent’s worst nightmare, and I’ve lived through it twice before. This might the last of what I can take.”

They are desperate to save him, but Murshid’s income by washing cars just isn’t enough

Before Sufiya got pregnant with Sameer, she worked as a domestic help in their hometown in West Bengal. However, with the news of her pregnancy, Sufiya didn’t want to take any risks with the baby and decided to stop working till the delivery. Murshid washes cars for a living and earns a meager amount. They have already spent nearly 2 lakhs on his treatment by borrowing from relatives, but it’s not enough. Sameer needs almost 6 lakhs to stay in the PICU, without which, he won’t make it and his devastated parents will lose another baby.

How You Can Help

Baby Sameer needs to stay in the PICU for 10 more days to recover from severe pneumonia and infection. He’s on ventilator support and he isn’t healthy enough for a life outside the PICU yet. Sufiya and Murshid’s life is at a standstill, and all they pray for is that their baby boy is saved. Sameer can only make it with your support.

Your support will save baby Sameer’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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