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Sakshi's Aggressive Cancer Will Spread To Her Spinal Cord And Kill Her Without Treatment

Sakshi can’t walk now. Every time they have to take her to the hospital from their small rented room close by, Govind has to carry her to the auto. In the hospital, she’s taken around in a wheelchair. Sakshi’s cancer is spreading rapidly. Without timely treatment it can spread to her spinal cord - paralyzing her for life. In the worst case, it will kill her.

“This is the first time she’s gone anywhere beyond Bijapur. We live in a small village nearby. She’s never stayed away from her siblings for this long. Everyone but she knows that her disease can kill her if we can’t arrange for her treatment," - Govind, father

Her first trip outside her village was to start her cancer treatment

Govind and Renuka wasted no time in starting their 11-year-old daughter’s cancer treatment – even if that meant uprooting their whole lives to move to a new city for months. Their relatives helped them get train tickets from Bijapur to Bangalore, and the whole way there, Sakshi cried. The swelling and wound on her left leg only kept getting worse.

“There was no place on the train, but everyone saw her condition and gave her place. She’s terrified because it started with a small bump against a table in her classroom. It was a small wound that grew and led to her bone cancer diagnosis.”

Sakshi needs to continue chemotherapy followed by a surgery to remove the tumour in her left leg.

They have never been able to save more than a few thousands

Even with Govind and Renuka working, the family struggles to get by. After all, their incomes as daily wagers are barely enough to support their 4 children and Govind’s ailing parents. The cost for Sakshi’s cancer treatment was as shocking as her diagnosis for them – they had never saved more than a few thousands. With help from family and the little they had to save, they spent Rs. 30,000 to start her treatment.

“I help lay roads and Renuka works on others' farms. I earn Rs. 400 per by while she earns. Rs.150-200 per day. We have a lot of mouths to feed, saving was never a possibility. Now we also have to pay 4,500 for rent in Bangalore.”

Her parents can’t even afford to go back to their village to ask for more help

Govind and Renuka now don’t have enough to even go back to their village to ask for help from relatives. Govind was only able to go once and had to rush back in time for her next chemotherapy session. Sakshi needs chemotherapy and the surgery to fight cancer. Her parents can’t afford the 14 lakhs without your help.

Sakshi can go back home, healthy to her siblings with your help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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