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Which Father Can Explain To His 3 Year Old That He Has Cancer And I Don’t Have Money To Save Him?

“Ritam’s haemoglobin level is 3.8. After one exhausting day at work we feel so tired. I cannot imagine how my son is feeling right now. Seeing him like this is killing me.”

3-year-old Ritam Chakraborthy had a fever. A casual visit to the doctor revealed a terrible diagnosis. He has blood cancer and the family is still in denial about their baby boy fighting such a terrible disease.

They are a family of priests

Sarath, Ritam’s father is a devout Brahmin, following the family tradition of working as a priest at a local temple. The family is from Jamtala, Jharkhand. They live on an unstable income from pujas and manage food with the Prasad from the temple. Ritam is the youngest of two, with a 7-year-old brother who is in 2nd standard.

It should have been just a fever

“Around May 12th, he had a high fever. We took him to the doctor because it came with a blister near his eye. We thought it was because of heat. The doctor suggested a blood test and saw that his haemoglobin was extremely low. He gave medicines and asked us to return after a few days.”
When Ritam’s fever did not subside and his blister got worse, the family took him to another doctor who suspected it was more than just a viral fever. He suggested they take him to a bigger hospital. On 25th May, the family rushed their son to Kolkata.

It just cannot be cancer!

“Blood tests and biopsy showed he had cancer. My son is 3! How can he have cancer? We could not believe it!”
As the parents continued to wrap their head around this devastating news, Ritam was taken in for bone marrow examination to determine what kind of cancer he had. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia had Ritam’s life in its grasps. His immune system was under attack. To ensure he had the best treatment, the family was referred to Manipal Bangalore.

From Jharkand to Kolkata to Bangalore to save Ritam

“Hospitals there said they were not equipped to deal with this. We came to Manipal. Here Ritam was immediately started on chemotherapy. The disease is very aggressive. We could see how he changed in two weeks. He needed an aggressive treatment.”
The family began collecting money from friends and relatives to pay the hospital bills, while Ritam was being treated. After chemotherapy, Ritam needs a bone marrow transplant to cure him of cancer.

Help Ritam beat cancer

“He does not know what is happening to him. He is so scared and keeps crying throughout the day as they keep pricking him with needles. I cannot bear to see him this way. Tell me how to comfort my 3-year-old?”

Ritam’s father has been praying every day hoping a miracle would save his son. He is unable to afford this cost. With the family in Bangalore, they do not have the means to earn whatever little they had. They need all the help they can get to save this little boy.

Your contribution would save 3-year-old Ritam from cancer.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.