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9-year-old Priyanka Suffered In Pain For Year Before She Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Priyanka is a 9-year-old with blood cancer. The cancer wasn't diagnosed for a year despite the multiple tests she underwent. Now she is undergoing painful high-risk chemotherapy for her cancer that has become aggressive. Her parents Raghavendra and Kavitha are mentally and financially exhausted and need your support saving their daughter. 

Raghavendra and Kavitha are tired of doctors piercing needles into their daughter

Priyanka suffered for one year before her cancer was diagnosed

“She had been complaining of pain in her joints last year. The doctors told us many different things – liver infection, brain infection and even tuberculosis. Now they tell us she has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Cancer). Chemotherapy is making her very sick. Can causing her this much pain actually make her better?” wonders Kavitha. 

Priyanka has only finished one cycle of chemotherapy. She needs high-risk chemotherapy to fight the cancer spreading through her body. The treatment is making her very sick – she has sores in her mouth and neck and is unable to eat. She has become so weak that she has been admitted again and put on IV fluids till she recovers. Then, she will begin the next cycle of treatment. 

It is a future that Priyanka's parents are not looking forward to. They are dreading more suffering for their daughter. But what is even more scary is the prospect of giving up their child's treatment. The remaining cycles of chemotherapy will cost about 10 lakhs and it is a sum they cannot afford. 

Raghavendra has completed a Industrial Training diploma and works in a small company in Bangalore. He earns 24,000 per month and he has exhausted all his savings for the treatment. He has taken loans and spent over 7 lakhs on the treatment so far. It is impossible for him to arrange 10 lakhs in the next one month.

Raghavendra and Kavitha just want to save their daughter

As parents it is very difficult for Raghavendra and Kavitha to see Priyanka is this much pain. “Priyanka never fell sick. We never took her to a hospital before this. She is fighting such a terrible, painful disease even before she turned 10-years-old,” says Kavitha.

Priyanka's elder sister Aishwarya is giving her class 10 exams this year. Kavitha is trying her best to not let Priyanka's illness affect Aishwarya's studies. The treatment and the various tests have put a great stress on the family and their finances and Kavitha's biggest worry is if they will be able to save her daughter. 

Let money not be the reason Priyanka doesn't get a fighting chance. Contribute now and help her family save her life. 

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