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13-year-old Girl Doesn't Know She Is Fighting Cancer, Tells Her Doctor That She Will Take His Job

Every time Prateeksha meets the Doctor she tells him “Someday I will sit on your chair.” Little did her family know that the girl who is so keen on becoming a doctor to save lives will herself be in the hospital, fighting for her own life.

If only we had taken her to the doctor immediately, she would have probably gotten better

Everything was normal until February when she complained of a pain in her right leg. Initially, she was not taken seriously until she woke up one night screaming in pain begging her parents to take her to the doctor. At the government hospital, she was given painkillers and sent home, however, her condition deteriorated. 

"We neglected her pain. Thought it was just a muscle cramp or pain from playing. Only when she got worse we found out at a Bangalore hospital. My daughter has cancer!"

If I lose my job, I will lose the only source of income we have

Her father is a school teacher in a small town of Chickballapur. He has no friends or relatives in Bangalore. He had no option of staying in Bangalore for Prateeksha's treatment because he cannot afford to quit his job. Every three days, Prateeksha’s father has to take leave from his school and travel for over 2 hours to reach the hospital for chemotherapy.

"We cannot afford rent in Bangalore nor do we have enough for her whole treatment. Our community is trying to crowdfund for her. Rs. 10, Rs. 50, Rs. 200, whatever they can so she survives. They love her that much."

This father has already spent 6 lakhs in her treatment. He used up his savings, took several loans, got help from friends and even sold all his wife’s jewelry for hospital expenses. Although people are pooling funds, the family is nowhere close to the goal that can save Prateeksha.

My daughter does not know that she has cancer

Prateeksha has no idea that she is suffering from cancer. For her, it is a simple boil that will be cured very soon. She cannot walk properly even with the support of a stick.  She had to quit school and stay home all day. 

“Appa, when will I go back to school? Let them finish all my sessions fast so that I can start school.”

How can you help

Prateeksha needs to go through another 8 sessions of chemotherapy followed by a limb surgery to be cancer free. If she does not start soon, she will lose her leg and even her life. The cost estimated for her treatment is Rs 13 Lakhs. 

Her dream is to save lives. Your contribution will help save hers.
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.