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Neha has never given up – but her heart and lungs are failing and she doesn't have much time

26-year-old Neha has been sick for most of her life. Her parents did not except this would result in heart and lung failure even before she could begin to achieve her dreams. Neha is unable to breathe and struggles with oxygen cylinder every day. She needs an urgent lung transplant to survive. Her father is a clerk in the municipal corporation and cannot afford to save his only daughter from looming disaster.

Even in the most difficult times, Neha always looks for solutions

Neha's family calls her 'creative' because of how inspired she keeps herself. From when she was a child, Neha has always been weak and prone to illnesses. That never stopped her from living her life to the fullest. She gave her 100% to everything she did in life.

“Her thinking is different from a normal person. Even now, when she can't even breathe without oxygen support, Neha is thinking about how things can be better. She is trying to connect with people online trying to create a network of resources for people needing organ transplant like her. Any one else would just focus on getting better,” explains her cousin Sumant.

Neha before she fell sick

Neha's first big health setback came when she was 12 and developed hypothyroidism. She put on a lot of weight. But she stayed upbeat, made a lot of friends and took to dancing.  She didn't have a job because of her fluctuating health and started teaching dance to both children and adults. 

Her condition has left Neha too sick to work 

A year ago, Neha's condition deteriorated so much that she could not get off the bed. Since then, her family has been taking her from one hospital to another. They were told that Neha's lungs and a part of her heart were destroyed. Only a transplant of these two major organs will restore Neha's health now.

Neha's family has never felt this helpless before

It was only when they came to Chennai last month, did the family finally realize what was wrong with Neha. Neha has a connective tissue disease – a condition where connecting muscles are weakened leading to organ damage. It has been affecting her since childhood and they only just found out.

Neha convinced her parents to visit the beach after coming to Chennai

Neha's father Suresh Salunke is dipping into his retirement funds to keep Neha's treatment going. All his life – he has felt pride in meeting all his family's needs with his small salary. Willing to do whatever it takes to save his daughter, he is now pleading for help from everyone he knows.

“Neha has not lost hope – but when she sees all that her parents are going through, she feels sad. So more than anything else, it is important that we present a strong front to her. Feeling sad will be bad for her. Even though we are very worried, we have to keep it all away till we are not in front of Neha,” explains Sumant.

Neha needs Oxygen all the time

Since it is a major organ transplant, the heart and lung transplant will cost the family Rs 36 lakhs and the family needs at least another Rs 9 lakhs for post-operative care. Even if everyone in her family worked very hard – it is an amount impossible to collect in such a short time. Despite how positive and strong Neha stays, she will not survive her disease if she doesn't get transplant. 

How you can help

Neha has a lot of dreams for herself and for everyone around her. She has been very brave through her illness. But now, this young person's life might be cut short simply because the family has not been able to arrange for funds.

Neha will not survive for long if she does not have this surgery and only your contribution can make this possible.

Supporting Documents 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

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