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Nagendra’s Only Hope For Survival Is A Liver Transplant, And His Father Can’t Afford It

At an age where his life should be full of activity and vigour, Nagendra’s illness doesn’t let him study or play. Nagendra is a 13-year-old boy with a serious liver disease. He was first diagnosed when he was only 2. The disease led to complete liver failure and Nagendra now needs a liver transplant immediately, in order to live.

Nagendra has been battling the liver disease since he was 2

When Nagendra was 2-years-old, a severe case of dysentery made his father Veeraraju take him to a doctor all the way to Rajahmundry from their village Korukonda, Andhra Pradesh. On seeing his condition, the doctors immediately sent them to Chennai. Doctors in Chennai said that a biopsy would be required to correctly diagnose Nagendra. Since he was so young, a biopsy was not an option. So the doctors prescribed medicines for him.

Over the next 8 years, visited Chennai often for Nagendra’s checkups spending over Rs 20,000 for each trip. The medicines helped him manage his condition, but eventually his condition became impossible to manage. Nagendra was rushed to a liver specialist only to be told that his liver had failed. A liver transplant was the only way to save him.

While Veeraraju was shocked at the enormity of the situation, he came across a newspaper advertisement on liver transplant in Hyderabad. He brought his son to the city and got him admitted to Rainbow Hospital, where he’s currently being treated.

Nagendra has never experienced the joys of childhood

“Nagendra could never be as active as the other kids”, says his father. Running, playing and even walking for more than 10-15 minutes makes him feel weak and tired. Due to his illness he had to drop out of school a year ago.

Nagnedra’s mother, Devi, feels sad about how her son sits dully in a corner while the other kids play. His only steady playmate is his younger brother Venkat. The two children play after Venkat comes back from school, but on days he’s not around to play with, Nagendra feels sad and lonely.

“I can’t even feed him what he wants to eat”, she says. Nagendra is primarily on a diet consisting of corn flakes and corn, which doesn’t even let him enjoy his favorite foods. His condition is making the entire family sad and worried.

How You Can Help

Nagendra’s father Veeraraju is an electrician in a village. With his barely hand-to-mouth salary of Rs 6,000, Veeraraju is unable to meets the expenses of Nagendra’s treatment. He has already spent Rs 10 lakhs towards the treatment, from the money he arranged by mortgaging his home. Now he’s running out of money and can’t fund the treatment until we help him.

Let us come together and help Veeraraju, in saving his son’s life.  

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