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Muni Naresh Wants To Fight His Heart Condition And Live For His Two Small Children

“I cannot even walk without getting tired and out of breathe and have stopped going to work. I have two small children to take care of I have to get better to provide for them. Giving up is not an option.”

Muni Naresh has blockages in the arteries of his lungs – which has damaged his heart and lungs. He needs a heart and lung transplant a the earliest. The sole breadwinner of his family, he has not been able to work for the last 10 months. He needs urgent help getting better to care for his family.

Naresh with his family outside his house

Naresh has worked very hard all his life for a better life

Naresh grew up in a small village near Tirupati – Mangalampeta. He saw his parents struggle every day – working as daily-wage workers. He resisted taking the easy way out and finished his education. He learnt accounting and got a job as an accountant in his village.

He got married and had two children and in taking care of everyone's daily needs, he ignored the pain in his chest and his difficulty breathing. For three years, he took medicines prescribed by the doctor to ease his breathing, but they were not very effective and his condition did not improve.

Naresh has been too sick to work for the last 10 months

Finally, in December 2016, his condition became too bad to continue. He used to have a constant headache and became unable to do everyday activities like walking and lifting things. Worried, he went to Hyderabad to see a doctor in a bigger hospital.

“When I went to Hyderabad they told me that my condition was incurable and I needed new lungs and a heart, my first thought was of my family. What would my old parents, wife and small children do without me? What could I do to stop this from happening?”

Naresh with his two children Lohit (4) and Bhavya (2)

Naresh wants to live, but he cannot because of poverty

Naresh's transplant is expected to cost Rs 35 lakhs. It is an amount he can never hope to put together. Even after applying for government support – only Rs 12 lakhs have been waived off. He is expected to put together Rs 22 lakhs on own. It is not something Naresh can manage.  

When he had a job, Naresh earned Rs 12,000. But now, for months, there has been no income. Just to stay alive, he needs medicines worth Rs 12,500 every month. His savings are gone and he has spent over Rs 4 lakhs for treatment till now. He has nothing left to even meet the family's basic needs.

Naresh's children know that he is not well and try to cheer him up

Naresh often gives up hope, but his family keeps strong. “Everytime I start to get scared and feel like I should give up, my parents, my wife and even my 4-year-old son tells me to be strong. Especially when my son says that such talk scares him and makes him cry – I realise that I need to do my best till the end,” Naresh says.

How you can help

Naresh's family is struggling for even their daily needs. His elderly parents have taken up working for daily-wages again just to earn enough to eat and buy medicines for Naresh. Naresh is heartsick at being a burden on his family. This fundraiser is Naresh's only hope to survive for his family that is completely dependent on him for all their needs.

Contribute and help Naresh's fight to live.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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