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1-Year-Old Baby Yaseen Needs Your Help To Fight Cancer

"We were so happy when Yaseen was born, he completed our family but it was very short lived.Our family is totally shattered since we got to know Yaseen is fighting cancer."

Yaseen developed a small blister near the eye but nobody imagined it could be cancer.

It started as a small blister near the eye which Yaseen's parents noticed three months back. They did not suspect anything serious but still consulted a doctor.This is when they got to know Yaseen is fighting against life threatening cancer. Life had been so normal up until that day. He was such a healthy, happy baby that no one could even imagine he is fighting death.

Yaseen is dying but his parents cannot afford such expensive treatment.

When the doctor broke the news of cancer, his parents started panicking. They took little Yaseen to every good hospital their friends and relatives suggested. The diagnosis was still the same. Their baby is suffering from cancer (Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma). They had no idea what it could mean, or whether it could be treated at all.
“We are simple people. We have heard of people losing their loved ones to cancer. We have not known people who had the means to get it treated and emerge victorious. Naful himself has a small income, and is not able to save much. So far, it’s only with the help of his relatives that he has kept the treatment going, but its getting difficult to manage such expensive treatment”

How You Can Help.

Naful works as a helper at a provision store and has almost exhausted his own network of people. The family has already spent over 4 Lakh. Naful still needs over 8 Lakh to save his baby from Cancer. The family is helpless. They would be forced to give their 1-year-old up, watching him suffer and die.Your support can give this little one a chance at life.

Supporting Document:

Click here to save Yaseen.

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