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This 2-Year-Old Has Only One Chance To Step Out Of A World Of Silence

“I thought she was just distracted maybe and that is why she was not looking at us when we spoke to her, but as the days went by, we noticed that she did not respond to any sound around her. Her grandparents calling her,the whistle of the cooker, the T.Vnothing. She was 5 months old when we got to know she might not be able to hear for the rest of her life and it is turning out to be true.”- Manisha, the mother

Meenal is 2-years-old now and has completely lost her ability to hear but that is not the end for her. She has hope. With a cochlear implant, she can regain her hearing ability.

There is a cure, there is hope

Everyone refused to help us with the treatment money. They said some bad things too. ‘It’s not as if she is dying, she can survive without the implant’ and broke my heart. If there was no cure I would have accepted the fate but my child has a chance of not being deaf for the rest of her life but I am helpless, I am unable to give her that one chance.”- Anand, father

Anand works in the billing section at a small hospital and his monthly income is not enough to give a better life to his daughter.

“The implant will cost us 10 lakhs for one ear and I tried everything possible to arrange that but I failed. The implant should have happened when she was a few months old but due to my inability, my child has a world of silence till now.” - Anand

All she has ever known is silence but that never stopped Meenal from being an active child. She plays with the bright toys given to her and smiles with excitement. Her parents try their best to communicate with her through actions but it will never be the same as listening to their baby talk.

She doesn’t even know her name

“She never really got a chance to hear her name. We even tried the hearing aid but she just did not accept it. She removed it as soon as her mother put it on her. Doctors said it would work but it never did. How do I express my love to her? When I call home from my work place, I can’t talk to her like normal fathers do.”- Anand

I long for the day when she will call me Mummy

Because Meenal can’t hear anything, she did not develop her speech as well.

“When a baby is born, parents eagerly wait for the day when their baby would say the first word. But it never happened for us. I just want her to call me once, just once.” Manisha - breaks into tears

Your help can give Meenal her ability to hear, she can lead a normal life. Without your help this 2-year-old's world will be filled with silence. Anand and Manisha need your help to hear their child and talk to her. It is only possible with your help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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