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He Bleeds From His Nose For 12 Hours Continuously, Without An Urgent Transplant He Will Die

What do you see when you look back on your happy summer holidays? Mangoes, rains and lots of fun? Well, Chhotu doesn’t have any fond memories of summer for the last three years. All he has seen in the last couple of years is pain and suffering. He bleeds from his nose every day. He is still alive because his poor father, Bhagchand, begs and borrows from the villagers and takes him for his regular blood transfusions. But now he won’t survive without a bone marrow transplant -  Bhagchand has no means to afford it.

With the amount of blood he loses, he can die any day

13-year-old Chhotu has Glanzman thrombasthenia - a platelet function disorder. His blood doesn’t clot. Sometimes, he bleeds for 12 hours at a stretch. He needs to be taken for blood and platelet transfusions twice in a day.
“It is scary to see how much blood he loses in one day. The bleeding starts on its own, without any indication and nothing can stop it. Chhotu lies down on the bed and the entire pillow cover gets wet with blood. Every time this happens, I think I will just watch him die on my lap,” - Bhagchand.

Chhotu thinks his condition can’t be cured, he has lost all hope

At a time when he should be having an active life full of fun and excitement - this teenager is tied to his bed. Bhagchand and his wife, Navvo Devi knew of their son’s disease since when he was two. They always took extra care of him to see that he never got hit anywhere. They knew it would turn out to be fatal for Chhotu.
“But his condition has only worsened in the last 3 years. Now not a single day passes without me taking him to the hospital. He is so tired and weak - his face is all white. Sometimes, he tells me to just let him be. ‘Let me die Papa, I know this can’t be cured’ - I can’t bear to hear such things from him.

I haven’t been able to even afford the tests, how will I save my son?

The doctors have told Bhagchand that his son needs an immediate bone marrow transplant. He has been running from door to door, begging people to help him but till now he doesn’t even have enough for the tests.
“I am a daily wager. The money I earn everyday is spent on our everyday needs. I can hardly save anything. I need 25 lakhs for the transplant. Where will I arrange for so much - I don’t even have enough money for the tests. Please help me.”  

With your help, Bhagchand can save his 13-year-old son and gift him a healthy life 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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