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9-Month-Old Baby Girl With A Pea-Sized Hole In Her Heart Needs 2 Surgeries To Survive

Baby Aleena is now trying to walk. Every time she does, she manages to only stand on her knees. When Naushad and Habiba talk to her, she tries repeating some words. All this makes baby Aleena seem like every other child her age– active, healthy and cheerful. However, baby Aleena is sick.

She has a 9mm hole in her heart, it’s the size of a pea. For a 9-month-old baby, it’s very big. If she doesn’t get the surgeries soon, her heart will start failing.” – Naushad

A baby girl is all the prayed for, but their celebration was short-lived

Aleena’s birth was celebrated in the family. Naushad and Habiba always wished for a baby girl. However, just 12 days after her birth, Aleena started having constipation. She would cry every few hours. Naushad and Habiba soon found out that their daughter has heart disease.

Aleena has a large hole in her heart. Her condition, tetralogy of fallot, is a combination of 4 heart defects that causes oxygen-poor blood to flow out of the heart and to the rest of the body. She needs two surgeries to survive this condition.

“This is the right time for her to get the surgery. Otherwise, her symptoms can become severe. She will start getting breathless and turning blue due to the lack of oxygen.”

With just Rs. 250 left at the end of the month, Naushad can't afford her treatment

Aleena is the happiest when she’s playing with her father. Every time he throws her up in the air, she giggles. However, Naushad is now afraid. She has started getting a cold often, and even that can be dangerous now. He has just a couple of months to try and arrange money for the two surgeries that can save his baby.

“I work in a shop that sells fans. I earn Rs. 8,000. After paying for rent, my son’s school fees and the household items, I’m left with Rs. 250-300 at the end of the month. I don’t have much time to save up for her surgeries. It’ll take me months and she doesn’t have that much time.”

Aleena needs 2 surgeries to survive, you can help save her

Naushad recalls Habiba breaking down when they found out that their newborn has a heart disease. At that moment he vowed to do everything he could to save her. However, the 7 lakhs for her two surgeries is beyond his means. Naushad needs your help.

The ever-smiling baby Aleena needs your help to fight two heart conditions. This is her only chance.

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