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Cancer is Traumatizing This 8-month-old Baby Girl And Her Family Is Helpless

8-month-old Lekana is often seen crying as she is in pain and also restless in the hospital atmosphere. She has become very weak and is not even able to feed properly. She keeps vomiting her food. She can't even talk to express what cancer is doing to her. 

A month ago, she had a high fever and her stomach felt hard. She was crying continuously. We rushed her to the hospital thinking she has colic pain. Instead, we discovered she has a cancerous tumor in her liver. I’m still not able to come in terms with that horrible news. How does cancer affect such a small baby?” –Bhagyama, Mother

Baby Lekana has been diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a cancerous tumor that starts in the liver and spreads to other parts of the body very quickly if not surgically removed. 

Lekana needs surgery for the tumor. She also needs chemotherapy. Her pain is getting worse every day, and her parents cannot help but delay the treatment. Her father works in a garment factory for a salary of Rs. 200/day. He cannot save his daughter even if he works every day for the next 20 years.

“I have two daughters. The elder one is just 4 years old. Her childhood is also getting affected as I and my wife are not able to make time for her as we are worked up with our younger baby. I just want our baby to be cured and take her home. I want both my daughters to have a normal childhood.” – Jagadeesh, Father

This only person who can distract Lekana is her elder sister. Both the children are often scared, even if they find comfort in each other. Cancer is not just affecting Lekana's body. It is psychologically terrifying the sisters. Jagadeesh needs Rs. 8 lakhs to start Lekana's treatment now.

“I am struggling to even afford food for my family. I had earlier taken a loan to join my elder daughter to school. That was just a few thousand rupees. I cannot even repay that. How will I save Lekana? People won't give me a loan, nor do I have anyway to get that money Her life is at stake. She needs to undergo surgery at the earliest to survive. I’m left with no choice but to beg for help.” – Jagadeesh, Father

Your contribution can save Lekana's life and help her and her sister have a happy childhood.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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