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Their Baby Has High Chances Of Survival But They Can’t Afford The Treatment

When Kotike Narasimhalu was born the whole family rejoiced. Everyday his parents had new dreams for him but suddenly, all of this seems to be a distant dream. The parents are struggling to save their son who is battling for his life. He is on a continuous ventilator support without which he will not survive.

How did high fever lead to a surgery?

Only few days ago, the baby was running a high temperature. He also had breathing trouble. He couldn't move his legs and dangerous fits. When the doctors found that he has infection in his brain and spine, the parents had no idea as to how a fever became so serious. He was rushed for an immediate surgery to stop the infection from spreading.

“It was so sudden, he was absolutely fine and just had a fever,the next thing we know,he was taken for a surgery.” - Chandara, father

When he opens his eyes, even if it is for a few seconds, it gives them hope that he will be okay

After the surgery Kotike Narasimhalu is in a very critical condition and he can’t move at all. The parents desperately wait for him to move or open his eyes which tells them that he is still there with them.

“I watch him lying still in the ventilator with no movement at all, and I fear every second that I might lose my son.” - Laxmi,  mother

The only thing that can save him is too costly for me to afford

The surgery is done but he is still not out of danger,Kotike Narasimhalu needs two weeks of close monitoring and support in Pediatric ICU. The treatment is estimated to be around 5 Lacs which the family cannot afford.

“I am scared that his heart might stop beating because I can't afford this after the big operation. Just 2 week more and he will be normal again, but I feel helpless and broken, I don't want to lose my son.” - Chandara

Chandara is a farmer and works on other’s farms. His income is only enough to provide the family of 6 with daily meal. The parents are worried thinking they won't be able to save their son.  Unable to sleep, they stay awake in the waiting hall waiting for him to respond. They feel nothing but helpless watching their son die when he has the chance to live.

They desperately need help to save Kotike Narasimhalu and with your help it is possible.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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