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He Just Took His First Steps But Now This 1-Year-Old Won't Survive Without A Liver Transplant

“We were so happy when he took his first steps. He smiled at us as he walked around the hall, that is a moment we will always cherish. But a just a few days later, he fell terribly sick. Now he can’t even stand on his own on most days because of his liver disease. It’s only getting worse with time,” – Anand, father

Joel (1) has always been a cheerful, animated child. Despite being in pain and undergoing regular tests in the hospital, he tells his mother stories of everything he will do once he’s home, with the few small words he can manage to say. Joel’s smile is all Stella and Anand want, but without a liver transplant, they will lose their son.

He was in pain the minute he was born

Baby Joel’s life began in pain. He was born with jaundice and was kept in the ICU for a week. Anand and Stella thought it was normal for a newborn to have jaundice, and hoped to take him home soon. However, they soon found out that their son had a tough road ahead of him – his bile ducts were blocked which could damage his liver. He underwent surgery and was discharged in two weeks. Stella and Anand thought they were taking home a healthy baby.

Baby Joel before his condition became worse

They did everything to keep him safe and healthy but in vain

“Ever since his first surgery, I made sure that he never missed any of his medicines or checkups. I was so careful with everything – what he ate, when he ate, how long he played outside. But none of it was enough, none of that could save him from liver disease.” - Stella

Despite her best efforts, Joel fell sick again. Last month he started vomiting blood. At that moment his parents knew that his life was in danger. Tests revealed that Joel’s liver is damaged and now he needs a liver transplant at the earliest to survive.

We’ve exhausted all our savings and more on his first surgery, we have no way to afford the transplant

Baby Joel is now too weak to even stand on his own now. He hardly eats anything and is too tired to do much. Stella and Anand try and do their best to keep him happy and cheerful, playing with him to try and distract him from the pain, but it’s not enough. Joel needs the liver transplant, but his parents can’t afford the one thing that can save him. 

“I supply drinking water to homes and offices and earn Rs. 12,000 per month. I’ve already borrowed and spent 3 lakhs on his first surgery which I haven’t paid back yet. Stella can donate her liver, but we can’t afford the 18 lakhs needed for the transplant. We have no one else to turn to.” - Anand

1-year-old Joel has hardly seen the world outside and he is already battling for his life. He has all the strength and energy to fight but without your contribution, he can't get the transplant he needs.

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