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20-year-old's Road Trip Turned Into A Death Trap Leaving Her Battling For Life In The ICU

Jincy is just 20. Her life has just begun. She was setting out to experience it all. In her final year of BA, Jincy wanted to celebrate her life with friends and family. She was full of life until everything changed. They were on a road trip. She didn’t know what happened, until she woke up in the hospital unable to feel her right side, unable to talk, and in a lot of pain.

What must have been a happy day turned into the most devastating incident of her entire life

“I got a call that my daughter had met with a major accident near Devanahalli. She had left the house just a few hours ago with friends. It had rained. The motorcycle slid on the wet road and Jincy, who was riding pillion, fell and hit a stone. She has a contusion in her brain, several fractures, and she is paralyzed on her right side.”
Jacob and Lizzy, live in Bangalore with their daughters Shiji and Jincy. Here, Jacob and Shiji work at private firms for a basic income of Rs. 20000 each. Together they manage the family expenses. When the relatives and friends heard of this tragedy, they rushed to support Jacob and Lizzy, holding their hand through the tough days as Jincy remained unconscious in the ICU.

She loved adventure but fighting these injuries isn't quite the adventure she expected

“The accident occurred on 22nd July. For the past week, she has been fed via a tube that goes through her nose. She is now conscious. She opens her eyes. Although she understands us and responds in her own way, I have a feeling that she is still in shock. I’m not sure she can speak, even if that tube comes out. Only time can tell.”
Jincy is now on ventilator support. The accident actually caused a hemorrhagic contusion on her frontal lobes, and severe fractures on vertebrae, ribs, spine, and pelvis. Her liver is injured as well. She needs intensive care as her condition is critical. Jincy is not out of the woods yet, although the parents are staying positive.

We are staying positive but we need as much help we can get to bring her home safe and healthy

Jacob laughs and says, “My daughter is strong. She is not afraid of anything. So that gives us strength. The sight of her not being able to move is what pains us. I just want her to come back home with us as soon as possible.”
So far, Jacob has spent over Rs. 5 lakhs on hospital bills, and Jincy needs few more days of ICU care. The approximate cost for further treatment can add up to Rs. 5 lakhs. The family is seeking help, and requests assistance.

Your support can help Jincy recover from this trauma and live the life she much deserves.

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