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4-Month-Old With Heart On The Wrong Side Of The Chest Needs Urgent Surgery

“My baby was born looking different, but he’s beautiful to me. When we took him home and people would visit us, they would get a little taken aback looking at him. The doctors told us his facial deformity can be fixed, we had nothing to worry about. But when he was 3-months-old, we found out he has a heart disease.” – Pooja, mother
Jayash has dextrocardia, a rare heart condition in which the heart is abnormally positioned to the right side of the chest, instead of the left. He needs a heart surgery at the earliest, but Vijay and Pooja have nothing to save him.

He gets breathless every time he tries to drink milk

Baby Jayash is just 4-months-old. Every time he feeds, he now starts to sweat and struggles to breathe. He turns blue when he’s given a bath – all indications that his heart condition is getting worse. Ever since his diagnosis one month ago, he’s been on numerous medications. He also has a plate in his mouth to help with his deformed lips.

They have to even borrow money for his medicines

Vijay works in a small hardware shop in Delhi and earns Rs. 8000. They have to spend Rs. 4,000 on rent, and now also have to spend on their baby’s test and medicines. Last month, the spent almost Rs. 1,500 on his medicines, and now they can’t afford it anymore. They will have to borrow from their relatives for even the medicines now. Under these circumstances, Vijay and Pooja can’t afford his surgery.

“We need 2 lakhs to afford his surgery, but it will take me 2 years to save that much money. Our baby doesn’t have much time.” - Vijay, father

You can help these parents save their only child

Jayash is Vijay and Pooja’s first child. When he was just 20-days-old they had a small naming ceremony at home, never did they think that he would be fighting for his life because of his heart condition. Pooja quit her job when she found out she was pregnant and now Vijay’s income isn’t enough to afford the surgery.

These parents need your help to save their only child from heart disease.

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