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My 11-Month-Old Baby Has Tuberculosis And I Need Help Saving His Life

On December 4, 2016, I was blessed with twins – one boy and one girl. It was a premature, caesarian delivery and both children had to be kept in the ventillator to support their breathing. My daughter was underweight and my son seemed fine. But now, he is the one fighting for his life – his every moment full of pain and difficulty.

It took my son 9 months to finally start holding his own head

While my daughter thrived, put on weight and became a happy, cheerful child – my son's health kept deteriorating. In three months, his stomach was swollen. He had angry, red rashes all over his body and he either had loose-motions or constipation. He cried all the time.

We decided to come to Hyderabad and take him to a good hospital – no matter the cost. The doctors diagnosed him with HLH – a condition very similar to cancer. They told us to give up hope because we would lose our child in 2-3 months. 

Jai Ram (left) with his sister when they were 3-months-old. The doctors said that the swelling in his stomach was terminal and that he wouldn't make it past another month. But he did. 

Hearing that was really painful. Even as we tried to come to terms with it, I decided that I would continue to seek second and third opinion. Finally, the fifth hospital we went to, told us that our son did not have HLH. But there was something wrong and more invasive tests would reveal what it was.

This news energised us. Our son was not terminally sick and could be cured. The doctor noticed his cough and after a few tests told us that he had tuberculosis. His enlarged stomach was his spleen and liver reacting to the infection. With antibiotics he would be fine.

Treatment for tuberculosis is not enough to save my baby

The doctors told me that with antibiotics the swelling should come down. But it hasn't. Now Jai Ram needs a liver biopsy to find out what is wrong. But the problem is – he is a small baby – his blood needs to have enough oxygen for a procedure like biopsy. So we are putting some blood into his body. 
All the while – he continues to suffer. He has a cough, fever and can't breathe. He cries painfully every time we try to take him away from my wife. My wife is still recovering from childbirth. She needs to rest and get better but with our baby's condition both our minds are always on Jai Ram.

Only being in his mothers arms calms Jai Ram

I work in a small gym as a trainer earning between 8,000-15,000 a month. With my son's health so bad – I know I am performing badly at work. The doctor has asked us to admit our baby so they can monitor his condition. I can't because I have no money. I tell him I will bring him to the hospital every day instead.

All my savings are gone, I even sold off some of my wife's jewellery. I have already borrowed heavily and am close to 6 lakhs in debt. With my job situation also being shaky I don't know how much longer I can keep up treatment for Jai Ram.

Sometimes I am shocked when my wife asks me if treatment is the right option for our son – he seems to be suffering too much. Relatives also ask me to let him go – we will be sad for sometime but he is young and that I can have other children. 

But I know that I cannot do that. It is unfair to my son. It is too soon for me to give up on him. I believe that with the right treatment, he will get better. Please help me save my baby's life.

- Suresh Kandhi

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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