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Help 11-month baby Jai battle tuberculosis

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For the last two months, baby Jai has been suffering from Chronic Tuberculosis.  But now, he is the one fighting for his life – his every moment full of pain and difficulty.
 It took my son 9 months to finally start holding his own head

This disease has severely affected his health and is slowly leading to the deterioration of his organs. He has not shown improvement and this has started to worry the doctors who have advised to go through further investigations and management. Doctors say that immediate action needs to be taken in order to save Jai.

"Our son was not terminally sick and could be cured. The doctor noticed his cough and after a few tests told us that he had tuberculosis. His enlarged stomach was his spleen and liver reacting to the infection. With antibiotics he would be fine".
"All the while – he continues to suffer. He has a cough, fever and can't breathe. He cries painfully every time we try to take him away from my wife".

Unfortunately, Jai's father, Suresh, does not have the funds to pay for the treatment and needs our help to save his son. 

"All my savings are gone, I even sold off some of my wife's jewellery. I have already borrowed heavily and am close to 6 lakhs in debt. With my job situation also being shaky I don't know how much longer I can keep up treatment for Jai Ram".

Your contribution can save Jai.
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Estimation Letter
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