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Father Who Can't Even Afford Train Ticket To Hospital Is Struggling To Save Son From Cancer

"Every month I take him to Kolkata by train, we hardly get a seat. Looking at his weak and pale face, some kind people offer him a seat. I cannot even afford to get an extra ticket for my wife, I take him all alone. This 14 -hour-travel is tiresome, it makes him extremely weak. By now he understands  that I'm taking him to the hospital, he cries throughout the journey fearing the painful injections.But I have no other choice. If I stop the treatment, I'll lose him forever," - Sachin, father of 4-year-old Ishan

 "If you want to see your son alive, come home soon"

Sachin was working in Mumbai and his family was at Jalpaiguri. Last year, when Ishan fell sick, Sachin's wife, Jyotsna, informed him. He sent her money to take him to the hospital but his fever did not subside for many weeks. One day, Sachin's mother called him and told that Ishan doesn't seem to be normal and his condition is getting worse with every passing day.  He rushed to his hometown and took him to another hospital. The blood tests revealed that he has cancer.

"I went to collect the reports in the lab and one of them said it looks like cancer. I broke down completely, I was crying for hours outside the lab. We do not have any facilities to treat cancer in our place and I don't have the money either. A passer-by suggested to take him to CMC vellore. I sold my land for Rs 50,000 and with that money, I took him to the hospital," - Sachin

Even after 11 months of gruelling chemotherapy he is not out of danger

Sachin was admitted to CMC Vellore for 11 months, he had multiple chemo cycles. He was discharged when he got a little better and was asked to continue with maintenance chemo every month at Kolkata and a follow up check for every 3 months at CMC Vellore.

"He seemed to be fine for a month, but his weakness doesn't seem to go. He looks very pale and hardly eats and sleeps. Doctors said he we should never miss the injections because his cancer can spread and become worse. We are doing everything possible to save him," - Sachin

We managed all these days only with the kindness of people around us

We stayed at a lodge in Vellore, I used to do the cleaning work there, they paid me Rs 3000 for it and allowed me to stay for free, that's how I managed the expense. Even now my neighbors sometimes help me buy train tickets. It is only because of their kindness that my son has been alive  this far." 

4-year-old Ishan is too young to understand his condition and he has been through a lot of pain. His cancer is curable but his father who is now doing all odd jobs, skipping meals to afford the treatment needs your help.  Without your help, all his efforts will go in vain.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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