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This 4-year-old Did Not Have Fever Or Pain And Suddenly She Is Fighting Cancer

Hasini is a 4-year-old with an aggressive blood cancer. If she gets treatment, she has a good chance of getting better. But her family's resources are dwindling and they are finding it very hard to continue Hasini's treatment and need help saving her

Hasini with her parents Suresh and Sujata at the hospital

“She didn't have fever, or pain – suddenly we are told she has cancer”

But a few months back, her father noticed a hard lump on one side of the stomach. Even the slightest fall would leave bruising. Her parents went to the doctor just to get it checked out – never imagining Hasini to be suffering from blood cancer. They are still reeling from the shock. 

Hasini is very happy to be colouring for hours in her colouring books

Unlike other children, even as a baby, Hasini never tore pages in books and notebooks. She prefers playing indoors – with her colours and books and paper. Her parents – Suresh and Sujata never had to worry about their daughter running off outside to play. A shy child, Hasini kept herself occupied and content.

“We got her new books and notebooks for school, she was so excited. Now, she has become very quiet. The minute we enter the hospital gate – she stops talking. She cries when they take blood from her or give her injection, but otherwise she says nothing. It really hurts to see her so scared,” says Suresh.

Hasini's Dad coaxes a rare smile out of Hasini who is otherwise very scared of hospitals
Hasini has been taking chemotherapy for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) an aggressive blood cancer that requires immediate treatment. If Hasini does not get treatment quickly and regularly her condition will worsen fast. 

Hasini's parents are struggling to save her

Hasini lives in a small town Raulapalam in Andhra Pradesh. Her father is a photographer who takes photos of weddings and small functions for a small fee. Her mother is a housewife. Their monthly income is simply not enough for them to make a living and get Hasini treated. 

Hasini with her father

“I only studied till class 10 and then started working with another photographer. I earn when there are weddings otherwise I take up whatever jobs I can to make a living. Hasini's treatment cannot be stopped – but all my savings are gone and I have borrowed as much as I could. I am desperate to save my daughter,” Suresh says. 

Suresh has sold what little gold the family has and is now considering selling his small home too to save Hasini. But even if he does that – what he gets will still not be enough to complete Hasini's treatment. Through his sorrow, he feels unable to save his sweet, happy child. 

Hasini is very scared of the doctors and doesn't like talking in hospitals

Hasini keeps asking her father when she could go back to school. He tells her that they will go back when she is better and she is young enough to believe him. Her treatment is progressing well and she needs another few months to finish her treatment. But if the funds run out – the family has no choice but to go back, resigned to fate. 

Hasini's 1-year-old sister adores her older sister and is with Hasini in Hyderabad

How you can help

Suresh lives in a small room in Hyderabad with his wife, Hasini and Hasini's 1-year-old sister Varshini. Their daily expenses have become a big struggle for the family and they really need a helping hand. Contribute and give Hasini a chance to beat cancer that has taken away her childhood.

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