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4-Year-Old Hanna Needs Two Surgeries To Survive End-Stage Kidney Disease

"As my wife says, we will fight this with everything we have. She is God's gift to us. A girl too, which means we need to take extra care of her. All we want is for her to get better and come home." 

4-year-old Hanna Jenita is a happy and playful child. Two months ago, she began complaining of stomach ache. It turned out to be an endless nightmare for parents who discovered she had end-stage kidney disease and needed not one but two surgeries. Hanna is on the clock for a bladder surgery followed by a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, this family is unable to afford the treatment that is keeping their baby girl alive.

Selvam and Theresa are a God-loving couple with three beautiful daughters. In Bommasandra, there's a small church where Selvam is a pastor and lives on the offerings given by the followers. Priscilla (12), Hanna (4) and Dorothy (3) complete Selvam's family with their love and laughter filling every space.

Hanna was supposed to go to school this year. There's a program through which she can get enrolled in school for free. I had everything ready to apply. And then this happened.
2 months ago, Hanna complained of severe pain in her stomach. She had trouble urinating and on consulting the doctor, the parents heard that Hanna had an infection. Diagnosis also revealed that her urinary output was only 20% which said her kidney function was deteriorating. In a month her symptoms got worse with swollen limbs and more trouble during urination.

We switched hospitals, first because they weren't equipped to handle dialysis for children, and then because we could not afford. Finally, we landed at NH. She was in the ICU.

The doctors advised against dialysis because she had an infection. They wanted to cure her infection first, and the bills for shot up to Rs. 80,000. The family decided to get her discharged and come from home. Doctors gave the family the shocking diagnosis. She had end-stage kidney disease and a heavily infected bladder.

Now we have to wait for this infection to go. Then, she needs a surgery for the bladder, and a kidney transplant. Without all this, we will lose our daughter.
Selvam does not have the means to fund for his daughter's surgery which will be scheduled in two weeks.

Hanna is doing alright. Although she is in pain, the happy cheerful nature is still there. But when we go to the hospital, the minute we step through those doors, she retreats into a shell. She doesn't talk to us. In fact, we haven't been able to check her BP because she cries so badly in fear of the tight band of the BP monitor.

Your contribution can help a father keep his daughter alive and help Hanna recover from a terrible disease.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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