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The Only Cure For This Teenager's Failing Liver Is A Transplant, He Needs It Urgently

Faisal (16) is not really worried about the liver transplant that he needs at the earliest. Yes, he is scared - who wouldn’t be? But he is tired of the disease that has been plaguing him since the last 10 years. He is tired of the memory loss, the muddled head, the grogginess and all the restrictions. He wants to live the life of a normal teenager. Doctors have promised him that a liver transplant can cure all of that. He is ready for it but his poor parents are worried. The cost of the transplant is well beyond their means.

Rehana thought his son is just not attentive in school - she didn’t know a disease was the real cause

Faisal was 6 when this disease started showing its symptoms. He used to feel dizzy and could not eat anything. He used to vomit out anything he ate. He was also restless and couldn’t pay attention to studies. His condition started worsening - his teachers too had a lot of complaints. But even after 2 years of treatment in Srinagar, Faisal’s problems persisted.
“That’s when my husband, Farooq, and I decided to take him to Delhi. He has been under medication but few days back when we took him for his regular checkup, the doctors said he needs an immediate liver transplant,” - Rehana, mother. 

It’s better to die than live a life like this - Faisal says

A 16-year-old’s life is full of fun and excitement. But Faisal doesn’t have a life like that. He is so weak and that he can’t even go to school regularly.
“On top of that the disease doesn’t let him remember. He keeps forgetting what he has studied in school. His friends and teachers understand but he feels embarrassed. He is so hard-working, it just breaks my heart to see him struggle so much.” 

Faisal has citrullinemia - this disease causes ammonia and other toxic substances to accumulate in the body. His only hope at getting better is the liver transplant.

I am left with only a few thousand, I can’t save my son with that

Farooq has a small shop in Srinagar where he sells garments. He makes around Rs 10,000 per month. With his modest earnings, it is very hard for Farooq to afford his son’s transplant. He needs about 11 lakhs. You are his only hope.

This desperate father looks up to you for help, or else he will lose his son forever. A small contribution can make a big difference in their lives  

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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