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This Aspiring Police Who Lost 90% Of His Small Intestine Has Only 15 Days For A Life-Saving Transplant

90 % of his small intestine had to be removed to save Krishna in an emergency surgery. He had only 1% chance of survival but miraculously he made it. Yet he is not far from death. He needs to undergo a transplant within 15 days to survive. His poor farmer parents who always supported his dream of becoming a police officer cannot afford the life-saving transplant.

'Without a small intestine my son cannot digest food, hence he is living only on liquids’

With only 15 cms of a small intestine (out of 600 cms), Krishna (16) cannot digest food. He is restricted to a liquid that provides him necessary nutrients which are given directly into the blood stream through IV.  But he cannot live long without an organ in his body. He urgently needs to undergo small bowel transplant, to replace his diseased intestine with a healthy bowel within 15 days.

“My son did not have a morsel of food from the past three months. He is surviving only on IV and water. He craves for the taste of food and cries with hunger. Now that his dreams are crushed because of the fatal disease, he reads science books on organs and their functions. Especially, the digestive system”

‘Just like any other day he came from college and the next morning he was on the brink of death’

Three months ago, like everyday Krishna who is pursuing 12th grade completed his homework and talked how he would do things differently when he becomes a cop over the dinner to his family. But he was unable to fall asleep that night and complained of severe stomach ache. His mother, Anasuyamma gave him a medicine to cure. But, early in the morning Krishna woke up with an unbearable stomach pain and his tummy got tight like stone. As the parents were rushing him to the hospital, he fell unconscious.

His heart rate was low and he couldn’t breathe, they put him on a ventilator in ICU. My husband Krishnappa and I did not understand what was going on, this never happened to him before. We were told that there was a disruption in the blood supply in his small intestine, a major part of it had to be removed and there were least chances of survival. We begged the doctor to do everything that was possible to save him. After the surgery he was breathing but did not open his eyes for three days. Those were the longest days of my life”

Poor parents had to discharge their son who was prone infections as they couldn’t afford the hospital stay 

A week after he defeated death, Krishna was soon affected by intestinal infection and he underwent a surgery to resolve it. Even after that, he was very prone to dangerous infections. So, he was admitted in the special ward to avoid the worst possibilities. But the couple who sold their only farm exhausted all their money and couldn’t continue the treatment that kept their son safe.

It was the most painful moment but we had no choice. When we took him home, we all lived in fear. No matter how hygiene we maintained the house, he was still vulnerable" 
But fortunately after spending five days at home, Krishna received donations from CM relief funds. But with that little amount the family could only admit him in the hospital and let alone the transplant.

Farmers who lost their only farm have nothing left to save their son

Krishnappa and Anasuyamma are poor farmers who earned Rs 30,000 per year. With this minimum amount they were providing education to their three children and were running the household. With nothing left in their hands, the parents are desperately looking for help to save their son. Krishna fought the biggest battles of his life and proved himself a fighter. But he has yet another milestone to cross. The life-saving transplant costs 50 lakhs and his family cannot afford the expenses.

"We lost our means of survival - the farming land. We borrowed huge amount to save him and ran into huge debt. Back in the village my husband knocks on every door to afford our son's IV everyday, which alone costs Rs 4000 a day. And on the other hand, the cost of the transplant is overwhelming. There is hardly anytime left and we have exhausted all the possibilities to save him. Please help us"

Your kind contribution can save this ambitious teenager who dreams to become a cop.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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