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Chaitra to lost her baby and her own health and happiness during pregnancy

Chaitra is a 23-year-old who needs an urgent small-bowel transplant. A complication in her pregnancy left to the stillbirth of her child and later gangrene in her intestines. Her intestines had to be removed and since then, she has been bedridden and needs injections every day. Everyone but her husband Nagesh has distanced himself from her. The transplant can give Chaitra her life back. 

Chaitra has lost 60% of her body-weight

Just a few months back, Chaitra was like any 23-year-old – full of dreams and hopes. She was going to deliver her baby and then study law and then become an 'educated woman'. Chaitra was not going to let the fact that she lived in a small village like Arkalgud (in Karnataka) hold her back. 

Chaitra has lost 45 kgs in the last 2 months due to her illness

“When we got married in 2012, and she persuaded the whole family and finished her BCom. She wanted to do Law next – she loved to study and wanted to 'improve herself'. Then she got pregnant and it was proceeding normally. In just one day, in the seventh month, our lives completely changed for the worse,” says Nagesh, her husband. 

Nagesh is talking about March 29, when Chaitra had developed sudden back and gastric pain. Since the pregnancy was quite advanced, Nagesh decided to take her to the hospital immediately. Turned out Chaitra had hernia that had caused gangrene in her stomach. Her small intestine had to be removed.

Chaitra at her wedding - before she became sick

The gangrene had also affected Chaitra's baby and it was stillborn. Since then, Chaitra has not been bedridden – unable to stand for too long due to disorientation and nausea.  She has lost 45kgs and weighs just 24 kgs now. She is weak and sad because of losing her child. 

Even though Chaitra's parents have given up on her, her husband never will 

“Chaitra is nothing like how she used to be. She was a fighter who wanted a better life. She is in so much pain she keeps asking me end her suffering and let her die. The Chaitra I remember was stubborn and would never give up. Remembering her that way helps me keep going even when she is pleading with me to leave her,” Nagraj says. 

Chaitra's parents are under the mistaken impression that there is no way to save their daughter. They have stopped visiting her and that has really affected Chaitra's morale. Nagraj and his parents try to comfort her but it is a difficult time for these two young people.

Not only has Chaitra lost her baby, but also her health and mobility

Making ends meet has become impossible because Chaitra needs an injection worth Rs 3,000 every day. Without it, she develops rashes and her condition becomes much worse. Nagraj works as a clerk in Arkalgud and makes Rs 11,000 per month. Nagesh has already spent all his savings and borrowed heavily for Chaitra's treatment this far. They have spent about 10 lakhs so far and it is killing him to not be able to buy her the daily injections she needs. 

One transplant can give Chaitra her life back

At the moment, Chaitra feels like she has lost everything. A bowel transplant will make her better and give her back a will to live. She is young and has a good chance of making a complete recovery. But the procedure costs Rs 30 lakhs, an amount that this young couple has no hope of raising that amount. 

Help them cross this difficult period in their lives and contribute towards Chaitra's transplant. 

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