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This Pregnant Mother is Struggling to Save Her Husband Who Met With A Near-Fatal Accident

 42-year-old Sajid, his wife Nasrin were a happy family. They have two children Amrin (12) and Ashra (8) and Nasrin 5 months pregnant now. The family was eagerly waiting for the arrival of the new member. Their happiness turned into anxiety and fears when they received the worst news ever. Sajid met with a horrific accident and is in a critical condition now.

Car wheels ran on his body and he could not move his waist

On that unfortunate day, December 20th, Sajid was on his way back to home from his office on his two-wheeler. A car that came speeding from the opposite direction hit him and he was run over. His legs were almost crushed and he was left paralyzed waist down. A crowd gathered immediately but no one was prepared to lift him seeing his awful condition. It happened only a few kilometres from his office. A friend came rushing down, carried him all alone on the road towards the hospital until an ambulance arrived.

Nasrin was worried. Sajid was never late, and she was dreading a  bad news. She was all alone with her two children at home when she heard about Sajid's accident. For a moment, she was frozen in shock. She then managed to rush to the hospital. The short distance between her house and the hospital turned out to be the most painful and longest journey for her. She was completely devastated seeing her husband lying unconscious in the ICU with multiple injuries.

“This accident has just turned our life upside down. He made no mistake, yet he is fighting for his life. I can't imagine my children growing up without their father. He is going through a lot of pain and trauma. He is coping with the hope that he will be back home soon. My children look at him through the glass in the ICU. They are waiting for him to come back,” says Nasrin.

Sajid needs multiple surgeries and it may take two years to recover completely

Sajid has multiple fractures. He has undergone surgeries on his right-hand and legs. He needs 9 surgeries out of which we have only gone through 4. Each surgery will be done after a considerable gap during which his injuries will heal. It may take at least two years for him to recover completely.

Sajid is completely devastated and worried  about the future of his wife and children

Nasrin‘s parents are no more and Sajid’s mother is dependant on him. He is the sole breadwinner of the family. Sajid’s sister is taking care of him now in hospital and Nasrin is taking care of the children. Despite the unbearable physical pain and his emotional trauma, Sajid worries more for his family. He can hardly sleep or be at peace even for a moment.  

“My wife is pregnant. I should be with her, take care of her, instead she is rushing back and forth from the hospital. I can see the pain and fear in her eyes. She is struggling to be normal  in the presence of me and my children. I can't leave my children. I don't know how we are going to manage this situation,” says Sajid.

Now this family is living on zero income

Sajid’s uncle is now taking care of the medical expenses with a lot of difficulties. Nasrin is shattered and the very thought of the future of her children scares her. Her life has become full of uncertainty such as the expenses for Sajid's care, their children’s education, the future expenses, and the daily meals.

Sajid's family is struggling to save his life

How you can help

This family has spent nearly Rs 7 lakhs so far and they have no source of income. Sajid needs to undergo multiple surgeries and need extensive treatment and medicines to recover completely. His children and his wife are waiting for him to come back to home and live with them. They are left with nothing and need your help to continue the treatment.

Your contributions will be of immense help for him to recover from this tragic incident and live a normal life.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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