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Pharma Company Employee Who Was Unable To Afford Medicines Needs Help Today For Son's Liver Transplant

"Anything can happen to him at any point, but we just can't afford to keep him in the hospital" - Mohan
Rashmitha and Mohan are currently pleading with neighbors and friends for a few hundred rupees every day to buy medicines. Their infant son, Anvith has liver disease and his condition has gotten worse since they brought him home from the hospital. Anvith is barely 3 months old, so these parents were shocked when they discovered that jaundice can take his life if he does not get a liver transplant soon.

They believed jaundice is common, and that caused things to spiral out of control 

Anvith had jaundice at birth. He was monitored for 10 days, given phototherapy, and then sent home with a clean bill of health. Rashmitha kept worrying about the yellowness in his eyes but every time they took him to the local hospital, the doctor assured them it would clear up.

“It did not go for 2 months and still people around us said it is normal. Finally, when his stomach started bloating, I decided to take him to Hyderabad. When I hoped for some medicine to cure him, his tests showed that this was beyond all that. His liver was dying and it could take him from us.” - Rashmitha

It is too late for half measures, Anvith needs a new liver

By the time they got help, Anvith’s body had begun to show more symptoms. He had rashes all over his body. They could not stop him from itching. His tiny belly was bloated like a balloon. The first thing they needed to do was have the fluid drained from his abdomen. Anvith was in pain. He could not even lie sideways to breastfeed. He kept crying through the night.
Medicines are just helping him sleep, deal with pain, and control the damage from affecting other organs. They are actually not working anymore. He needs a liver transplant. I cannot afford keeping him in the hospital, and the surgery feels like a far-away dream. Fully knowing how this is going to affect my son, I brought him back. We are just asking everyone we know to lend us money. If we don’t get it, we will have to watch him die.” - Mohan

Be the miracle that can save Anvith

Today, Anvith’s poop is white in color. It means there is no bile, and that his liver has almost stopped function. Toxins are flooding his tiny body, making him itch until his skin breaks. He cannot live without a healthy liver. Mohan needs Rs. 18 lakhs for the transplant. He makes just about Rs. 15000 working in a pharmaceutical company. They have depleted their savings and have already taken enough loans that helped them travel to Hyderabad and back, stay in the city, as well as the hospital expenses.

“We are losing hope every day. We do not want to give up. He should not be in so much pain at this age. Help us.”

Your contribution is the miracle this family is waiting for, and it can save Anvith.

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  The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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