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For The Second Time In Weeks, This 8-month-old Girl Is In The ICU And You Can Help Save Her

Everyday I wake up to my baby’s smiling face but 15 days ago I woke up to my baby seizing next to me. As my husband and I rushed her to the hospital, she continued to get seizures every two minutes. She seemed too weak and I thought my baby was dying. I cried and begged the doctors to save her. Though the medicines controlled her seizures, she still needs to be in the ICU. We are pleading for money to purchase her medicines which costs 2,000 a day and we cannot afford a complete treatment. I cannot watch my precious daughter die,” - 8-month-old baby’s mother, Kiranmai.

For a few weeks, this baby girl was out of danger

A couple of weeks ago, Narasimha and Kiranmai were happy to be home with their little daughter who strongly fought death. Her tiny body suffered paralysis as a result of blood clots in the brain. During her treatment in PICU, she continued having seizures. The parents who thought that she had chicken pox were taken aback to discover the real reason behind their daughter's sickness. Their savings were not enough for the treatment, so they borrowed a huge amount and saved her. Just when they thought everything is all right, faith played a twisted game and put her life in danger again.
When I saw her on the ventilator again, my body went numb. She wasn't opening her eyes no matter how much I prayed. When she finally did my daughter was staring blankly and wasn't responding or even looking at me. I was crying for her to recognise me,” - Kiranmai.

Her body shivers and shakes due to weakness

Kiranmai’s baby had partial weakness and paralysis on one side of her body as if she had a stroke. For 5 days, she was in the ICU receiving IV fluids to combat her condition. Unfortunately, the parents ran out of funds to keep her in the ICU where she was recovering and moved her to the general ward.

“Whenever she starts shaking I hold her tight to make it stop. It does not. Whenever she regains a little strength, she starts crying continuously until she gets weak again. I usually understand if she is hungry or thirsty or sleepy or in pain. Now I do not know why she is crying and it is breaking me.” - Kiranmai.

The couple had not named their baby as they are unable to afford the cost for the traditional naming ceremony

Narasimha is a door-to-door salesman in Kandukur town, AP. He sells men's underwear, and it is hard to convince people to buy at the doorstep. If he is lucky, he manages to make Rs. 10,000/month. Sometimes, he can barely make Rs. 2000. When his daughter was first admitted to the hospital, he spent Rs 1.5 lakhs including his savings and loans. These parents were saving up for the customary naming ceremony which they had delayed by many months.

“My debts are increasing as the days pass by and I have no idea how I am going to repay. My baby fought hard for her life and she can soon recover completely with proper treatment but it costs 2 lakhs. The money that I cannot earn even if I work day and night in this short period. Now my wife and I are left with nothing. Even hope is slipping away. Please save our daughter,” - Narasimha.
Narasimha and Kiranmai dream to name their baby soon and with your kind contribution, you can help these poor parents save their baby and make their wish come true.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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