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Failed Transplant Leaves 10-month-old Battling For Life Again, Every Minute's Delay Can Be Fatal

His body was producing at least a few platelets before. After the transplant failed, even that stopped. He is surviving on transfusions every second or third day. If he does not get the second transplant soon, he will not live to see his first birthday.” - Anjali

After months of fighting aplastic anemia, baby Nischal got a bone marrow transplant on 24th December 2018. As they waited for him to recover, he got critical. Anjali and Nishit discovered that the procedure failed, and they have no other option but to try again. Nischal should be admitted again on 21st February to start the procedure. 

Needles have pierced every inch of his little body over 10 months

Nischal began having blood transfusions right from when he was 3 months old because his body does not produce enough blood. Soon, it became impossible to find a vein in his arms or legs, and they had to insert a port on his head. In December, he went through chemotherapy. He needed to be in a sterile bubble. He could not go out or even smell fresh air because he would get infections. He already had a high-grade fever. If he contracted an infection, it would have been hard to save him.

“On Christmas Eve, he had the transplant. Still he had a temperature of 105F. After two weeks tests showed that his body had only 10% of the donor cells. Whatever little blood his damaged bone marrow was making, is also gone. So this time, they put a port in his chest to transfuse more blood." - Anjali

Nischal loses time every minute that his transplant is delayed

Nischal needs blood transfusions every 3 days. Sometimes, he becomes pale, irritable and begins to cry uncontrollably just a day after the transfusion. He needs tests four times a week to check the platelet levels. He is also on heavy antibiotics to prevent infections. This temporary treatment could itself be fatal if they do not act fast.
“The first time, we got stem cells from the registry. Totally we spent 21 Lakhs. This time, again we have to go to the registry since nobody in the family is a match. Every third day we are spending Rs. 23,000 for transfusions and medicines. It is impossible for us to arrange lakhs again.” – Nishit

They are now dependent on everyone for food, shelter, and cure 

Nishit had to take leave to join his wife and son in Gurgaon. This means the family has no income, and their savings are all gone. Their relatives take care of food and living expenses, but it has been hard to source money for the next transplant.

We have to admit him on 21st. I don’t know how long he can go on like this. The iron buildup is already affecting him. Blood bags are no longer the solution, nor can we keep our son in a bubble. He has made it this far, with your help he can survive.” - Anjali
Nischal has probably not known even a day without pain. His development has been highly affected because of the disease. His life is at stake yet again, and your contribution could gift him that healthy life every child deserves.

In less than 48 hours, Nischal’s transplant procedure will start, provided the family gets your help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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