8-year-old Accidentally Electrocuted By High Tension Wire Lost An Arm Is Now Fighting For His Life | Milaap
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8-year-old Accidentally Electrocuted By High Tension Wire Lost An Arm Is Now Fighting For His Life

When I kept crying out for help to take him to the hospital, people insisted there was nothing left to be done. He was completely burnt and not breathing. I did not want to give up on my son. On the way to the hospital, I heard him scream from behind, “Papaa! Papaa!” In that moment, I knew he was alive. If I had wasted even a moment longer, I’d have lost him.
8-year-old Divyanshu is a playful young boy whose life imploded recently when he was playing with a few friends in the neighborhood. He was electrocuted by a high tension wire on a rooftop and is now in a critical condition from severe burns. Divyanshu has already lost an arm and needs your help before the burns or an infection takes his life.

He thought the transformer burst when the sound was his son getting electrocuted 

Daulat Singh, a driver, and Aarti, a homemaker, are a couple from Dehradun. They live in a residential colony with their son, Divyanshu. Every day, Divyanshu plays with the neighborhood children on the street. That fateful day, the children ran up to the rooftop next door and jump from roof to roof.
“My son tried to catch the black cables he saw on the roof to swing. He did not know they were high tension wires. I heard a blast. I thought it was the transformer. I ran out to see what happened. The children came screaming at me. My mind went blank. When I ran up to the terrace, I could see my son’s clothes still burning. I could smell burnt flesh. He was not breathing.

The neighbors believed the boy was dead, but this father refused to give up

Daulat immediately tore the clothes away, and kept pleading for help to take his son to the hospital. People around him tried to comfort the father, as they thought the blast killed Divyanshu. In denial, Daulat carried his son to a vehicle, cleared the busy streets, and drove him to the hospital.

“When he began screaming in pain, I could breathe again. I rushed him to the hospital. He was in a critical condition and they could not guarantee if he would make it. At first, they had to amputate from under his elbow, but infection in his wounds spread and Divyanshu lost his whole right hand to it. His face, torso, and even legs are burnt.”

He’s lost an arm at 8, you can help him stay alive

Divyanshu is now conscious. He is in excruciating pain, covered in bandages. The boy still does not know that he has lost his arm. At 8, he was not even aware of what high tension wires could do, and in a moment, his life changed. He tries to tell his father that he is scared.

“I cannot eat or sleep. All I want is for him to get better. Family, friends and relatives are helping us. We totally arranged for Rs. 4 L for treatment but it is not enough. Now we feel helpless. God will do what he can. We must do our best. Now, I am asking for help, to save my son. No matter what happens, I am not going to stop trying.
Daulat needs additional Rs. 11 lakhs for Divyanshu’s treatment. With your support, this driver can save his little boy’s life and bring him home.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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