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Urgent: 11-Month-Old Baby Daya Is In Extreme Pain Due To Her Swollen Stomach And Needs An Urgent Liver Transplant To Live

A tube going through her nose, her stomach swollen so much that one cannot see her face. Have we ever seen a baby tired due to hunger but gets restless at the sight of food? Baby Daya does because once she eats, her stomach hurts her so much. 11-month-old Daya begs with her tiny hands to not feed her.

Baby Daya was a healthy child at birth. Her parents, Rosely and Aniljith felt they were blessed to have another girl. 5-year-old Diya got a baby sister after waiting for 10 months. Life was nothing but beautiful for this family until the day their newborn fell sick.

Daya’s tiny body turned yellow, she was becoming weak

We saw her body turn yellow.  We didn’t know what was happening to our child. She was a healthy child at birth but she was losing weight now. We took her to a doctor”- Rosely.
The doctor saw that her bilirubin levels were high and asked Rosely to bring her again for another medical test 25 days later. But within the next 5 days, Daya’s condition worsened. Rosely didn’t wait any longer, she took her to the doctor who advised them for further tests.
Rosely will never forget the day the medical test results were out. She was holding the baby in her hands. Aniljith who sensed her fears made her wait outside the doctor's cabin. She was trembling and praying hard that her little daughter should be safe.

Rosely could see Aniljith’s expression turn from fear to shock as he spoke to the doctor. After sometime, Anil walked out holding the reports in his hand. His heart sank when he saw his wife and his 30-day-old baby. He didn’t want to tell his wife the news that would break her heart. Baby Daya was restless, trying to turn her body as if she recognized her father walking towards her.
“How can I tell my Rosely that her baby, the child she gave birth just 30 days back is slowly dying. How can I tell her these words” he fought his tears back as these thoughts ran through his mind. “What did the doctor say?" asked Rosely sensing his tension. “Daya has a small issue in her liver”, she needs a surgery, said Aniljith.

That day Rosely didn’t know her daughter’s condition was much worse than a small issue in her liver, her baby daughter’s liver was failing.

The first surgery was not successful, what they feared became true.

At the 47th day, Daya underwent a procedure that was supposed to fix everything. But the surgery was not successful and all reports pointed to only one thing- she needs a liver transplant to live.

She managed to fight for her life for 11 months, this is her last chance

For the next 10 months, Rosely and Aniljith lost everything they ever saved. They spent over 7 lakhs, selling everything. They begged and borrowed from friends and strangers, and managed to pay another 8 lakhs for rest of the treatment.

“We came to know that in difficult times, relatives become strangers to you”, says Rosely.
Aniljith used to work as an electrician but he lost his job as he has to stay with Rosely and Daya. We don’t know how we came this far. We had nothing. I think it’s our Daya. She has been holding her life, even after a surgery.

She can only take food through a tube in her nose but now that is also stopped

Baby Daya is now on the ventilator. Her stomach has swollen to the extent that even slight movements hurt her so much. Doctors have stopped her feed because she cannot digest anything.

“I cannot watch my daughter cry in pain, her tiny body cannot bear so much. My stomach hurts, I carried her in me and now I cannot do anything to stop her pain.”.
Rosely and Aniljith are from Trivandrum and have travelled all the way to Kochi to save their 11-month-old daughter’s life. Their elder daughter, 5-year-old Diya is at home with her grandmother.  She complains on the phone always saying “I want to see my kunnuvava (baby sister). You told she will stay with us”.  

Diya is just 5 and doesn't know why her baby sister doesn’t come home. But she has heard her grandmother say to her neighbours “avalku karal matti vekannam” (she needs a liver transplant) but little Diya pronounces and thinks Karal (liver) is the same as Kavul (cheeks), so she says “entha dayayude kavulu mattivekathadhu”.  Rosely smiles when she recalls this.  

Her face soon turns grim when she remembers that her daughter actually needs a liver transplant. They have not much time left. 15 lakhs need to be arranged. Rosely has agreed to donate her liver to save Daya.   “I have nothing left than my organ to save my daughter. We can’t watch her die”

How you can help

Baby Daya is fighting for her life. For 11 months she didn’t give up. But now she needs our help. A help that could get her a life-saving treatment, a help that will get her a new liver. Diya can finally take her baby sister home. With our help, this family can save their child.

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