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Teacher's 2-Year-Old Was Born With A Deadly Disease, Now Needs A Transplant To Live

I didn’t understand the seriousness this disease until it got really bad last year. She became so weak she couldn’t even move…I spoke to a few parents in the hospital where she gets blood, they also didn’t know how dangerous this disease can be. She has been getting regular transfusions for 2 years now. But it’s not enough to save her. This disease will only make her weaker with every day and even kill her if she doesn’t get the transplant soon." - Kamachi, mother

Ananya was born with Thalassemia. She was barely 1-month-old when it was diagnosed, she had a constant fever. They took her to many hospitals, almost 3, to try and find out what was wrong with her. Thalassemia, a blood disorder that causes fewer blood cells in the body, was something they had never heard of before. Now the only thing that can save Ananya is a bone marrow transplant. Ananya has to go for regular check-ups, have blood tests and injections – and she doesn’t even know why.

I can save her life but...

“She asks me to take her home. She says ‘ammu lets go home,  I don’t like this place’. Ananya is calm as long as she’s lying down on my lap, but if I leave her for even a minute, she starts crying. She’s scared…she doesn’t know what is happening. In all this pain we found some good news – I can be the donor for her transplant. But there’s no way we can afford it." - Kamachi, mother

“When you look at her, especially when she gets blood, you can see how frightened she is. She thinks we're going to leave her in the hospital and go back without her."

Both their incomes together can’t save their daughter – they need your help

Surendran works as a medical representative and Kamachi is a teacher. Together, they have exhausted all their savings on Ananya’s treatment so far. They don't earn much either and most of what they make now goes towards her blood transfusions. They've spent 5 lakhs, and now they have nothing.

“We have tried asking for help from everyone ever since we found out how much a bone marrow transplant would cost. The little we had saved is also gone now. Family? they also don't have much. 15 lakhs is a lot of money for us. We have knocked on all doors… you are our only hope now.” – Kamachi, mother

15 lakhs - that's what it will cost to save Ananya's life. They need your support to take her home. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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