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My Little Girl Is Very Sick And I Am Scared That I Can't Get Her Treatment That Will Save Her

 Abinaya could not hold her excitement and joy as her birthday was around the corner. This birthday is special because she is turning 10 and for her, the double-digit number meant she would be a 'big girl'. She turned 10, on this March 14th, instead of celebrating with her family and friends she is in the hospital battling for her life. She could not get anything she wished on her birthday. Her body is fitted with tubes and she couldn't wear a new dress on her birthday.

Abinaya is diagnosed with an end-stage liver disease

Abinaya is the eldest daughter of Sankar and Deepa. She is a cheerful girl with full of positivity and life. A few days ago she had a high fever. She was given medications, parents were terrified when her eyes and skin turned yellow. As they suspected, she was diagnosed with jaundice. She became very weak and couldn't eat anything but they never had any reasons to think that her condition would turn critical.

The fever did not settle for a long time and they were asked to take to a bigger hospital. They came all the way to Chennai from a village in Thiruvarur district. A series of tests were taken and the reports confirmed that she has an end-stage liver disease and needs an urgent transplant to save her life. They were least prepared for this and was completely devastated.

Abinaya  needs an urgent transplant to survive

Abinaya doesn't know that her life is at risk, she was hopeful of getting back to home for her birthday but it didn't happen. She has become too weak and the blood transfusions have taken a toll on her mental health as well. She is disappointed, confused and annoyed with everything around her. She is pleading her parents to take her back home.

"Liver transplant is the only solution to save my daughter's life and  I'm willing to do anything within my power to save her. I have promised her to buy her a new dress when she gets back home. She is hopeful that I will take her back home soon. I can't betray her! I can't imagine going home without her. She deserves a life." - Deepa

Abinaya's parents are struggling to save her

Abinaya is now in the ICU. Her mother is donating a part of her liver to her. Ever since the diagnosis, Deepa has been crying uncontrollably. No words could console her. She can't bear that her daughter is going through a lot of pain. As Abinaya's condition is deteriorating every day, she is losing her hope. She is afraid that she will lose her daughter to this cruel disease.

Sankar is an auto driver. He was earning day and night to give his children a good education and a happy life. He never imagined that he has to witness his daughter battling for life. He knew that this is the time he has to stand next to his daughter and wife give them all his care and support but life is not easy for them. He has to work day and night to get money for the transplant. He is running back and forth to the hospital and borrowing money from everyone he knew.

Abinaya is waiting desperately to go back home

"I come from a poor family so are my relatives. People from my village come to see her and they all give us Rs 50, 100 or maximum 500. They all think we just need few thousands to save her but it is not. I'm glad we have good people around us but sadly that is not enough. I have never felt  poor all these days though I was living a hand to mouth life. Now I feel completely lost." - Sankar.

Father has sold his house yet running short of funds

Sankar has sold his small house for Rs 1.5 lakhs. They sold everything they had. Yet, they are running short of funds. They have very little time in their hand. Abinaya needs a transplant at the earliest.

Only a liver transplant can save Abinaya's life

How you can help

Abinaya is hopeful that she can return home. She can regain all the lost happiness with this transplant. They are waiting for funds to do the surgery and each passing minute is a risk on her life. They need Rs 20 lakhs for the surgery which is beyond their means. Your contribution can give her a chance to live her life.

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