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This 6-Year-Old Who Is Bleeding Out Faster Than His Body Can Cope Needs An Urgent Surgery To Stay Alive

In the past 15 months he’s been admitted to the hospital 12 times. His disease is so rare and mysterious. He starts bleeding randomly from any part of his body. He keeps losing blood every now and then and his condition gets worse with infections. His transplant should have happened a year ago but we just can’t afford it and if he keeps losing blood, my son will lose his life.” – Asmita, Ayush’s mother
6-year-old Ayush has survived with a rare but deadly bone disease for over a year but now, he doesn’t have long before his body gives up. His only hope lies in undergoing an urgent bone marrow transplant. His father, Anil, has been matched as a donor too but, he’s desperately running out of time to save his son’s life.

Ayush has been tormented with an extremely rare disease

Ayush’s constant pale skin frightened his mother but to her horror, in late January 2017, he was diagnosed with an extremely rare bone marrow disease called aplastic anemia.

“His disease has become worse with time. He starts bleeding from his eyes and teeth and passes blood in his stool and while urinating too. Every time he starts bleeding, he is critical and we have to admit him to the hospital.  Any mother would find this extremely hard to see, especially when your son’s eyes bleed and are completely red. It’s just horrifying. ” – Asmita
Simply put, he has very few blood cells and with time, his platelet count has reduced to 5000, which is extremely dangerous. A normal child has a platelet count of about 150,000. 

Ayush gets infected so easily

He catches infections so easily, even if the weather changes slightly. He is down with high fevers from time to time. He can’t be treated at home for his infections like a normal child too, because his disease is so rare and there are so many precautions. So, apart from bleeding, we take him to the hospital every time he gets infected too. In one year, I think that I’ve cried so much that it feels like I’ve lost the ability to even cry now.” – Asmita
As his condition progressively worsened, Ayush’s life has turned upside down. The 6-year-old gets tired quickly and is unable to do any activity. He takes around 10 tablets a day and receives blood transfusions almost every week but that still hasn’t helped him get out of this.

Ayush’s behavior has changed drastically

“He has no idea how serious he is. He just gets very frustrated because I don’t allow him to play around much. He wants to do all the things he’s forbidden to do, for now. I just want him to get better and live like a normal school-going child. ” – Asmita
The 6-year-old can only recover if he undergoes an urgent bone marrow transplant, this is his only option.

Asmita and Anil are racing against time to save Ayush

Nowadays, he vomits whatever he eats too. We’ve admitted him again because of his fever and infections, and he needs a transplant urgently. Anil keeps crying every day too because we are too poor to afford the surgery, this just seems impossible.” – Asmita
Anil, a laborer at a spectacle factory, earns around Rs. 300/day. He’s been running around trying to arrange funds but spent everything he collected because Ayush had to be admitted to the hospital over 10 times in the past year. He has absolutely nothing left now and is running out of time.

How you can help

6-year-old Ayush needs to undergo a life-saving bone marrow transplant that costs around Rs. 20 lakhs. The family has been able to gather Rs. 12 lakhs and need additional Rs. 8 lakhs. His father, Anil, has been matched as a donor too but he simply cannot afford such a monumental sum. He is in dire need of your urgent help to save his son’s life.

Your support can save 6-year-old Ayush and ensure that he has a normal childhood without suffering daily.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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