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Urgent Surgery In 24 Hours Is The Only Thing That Can Save 5-Year-Old With A Failing Heart

“Mumma, take me home please. I don’t want to stay in a hospital, this place smells like sick people. I am not sick, please don’t keep me here,” - 5-year-old Asmit pleads to his mother Ranjeet Kaur. 

Little Asmit has a hole in his heart and he needs a surgery in the next 24 hours. The boy doesn’t know that he might not be able to live without this surgery but his parents, Mahendra and Ranjeet do. They are afraid that if they are unable to afford the surgery, they’ll lose their son. 

Asmit can’t take two steps without gasping for breath

Asmit was only a year old when doctors told his parents that their son has congenital heart disease and only a surgery can save him. But unfortunately for them, they couldn’t afford the surgery because of the cost of it.
“My son can’t play like any other 5-year-old - he gets tired even if he walks two steps. His breathing gets uneven and he sits down, holding onto something near him. The medicines he used to take didn’t make him any better. Everyday, I am living in the fear of something dangerous happening to our son,” - Ranjeet,mother. 

His body turns blue if he is out of breath for too long

Asmit’s heart condition has also stunted his growth - he is not putting on weight and gets sick very often. He loves his brother and sister but falls behind while playing with them. What is even scarier is that his body turns blue when he is out of breath for long. Now, his only hope to get better is through surgery but his parents are scrambling for funds.
“My daily visits to the Gurudwara is only to pray for Asmit now. I want him to grow up healthy, I want to give him the best. I can’t bear to see him go through so much pain.” 

A daily wager, Mahendra knows he can’t afford the surgery - he needs your help

“I don’t have a fixed income, I do odd jobs and somehow manage to get Rs 200 everyday. How else will I support my family? But my income is not enough to afford my son’s surgery. I have sold my wife's earrings and got my son admitted with the Rs 20,000 I got. I need more than 2 lakhs and without your help I can’t save Asmit’s life,” - Mahendra, father.

Asmit wants to go to school like his siblings but his heart is failing, and only a surgery can help him survive. With your help, these desperate parents can save their son's life 

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