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He Hid The Pain Of Cancer From His Parents For Months, Now This Boy Is Fighting For His life

“The teachers told us now that he was finding it difficult to sit on the chairs. He had been sitting on the floor during class hours for the last three months. He never told us. Never complained – till it got unbearable. Even in pain, all he thought about was us...he didn't want us to worry. ” - Devakumar, father.
Over three months ago, when it got unbearable, Arun (15) finally told his parents of the shooting pain in his left leg. The doctors said it was a muscle tear. But the pain never left. It only got worse, till one day he stopped urinating. Afraid, Devakumar and Jhaneyrani rushed him to a hospital in Chennai. The doctors suspected kidney failure, but that wasn’t it. There is a tumor right above his kidney. Arun has been battling cancer.

Unable to understand what’s going on, Arun screams in agony

He has been in the ICU for over 20 days now. He aches to get out of the ward and go back home - to school, to play football with his friends.

“He’s the sweetest boy - helpful, calm, soft-spoken and very sensitive. But now, he’s weak and frustrated. He screams, in agony. He doesn't understand what’s going on - his hair is falling; there are needles pierced in him, and tubes and catheters. It’s all terrifying. He wants to run away from here, but he barely has the strength to sit. I can't see him like this. It should have been me. Not him!” – Jhaneyrani, mother.

“He fought all alone, for so long. One of his kidneys, has completely failed. There is the cancerous tumor too. He’s going through chemotherapy and has unbearable pain all the time. He needs chemotherapy for a year to survive this.” – Devakumar, father.

His mother is still recovering from a traumatic head injury, she can’t handle the shock

In 2016, Jhaneyrani met with a serious accident. She’s still recovering from it. Due to blood clots in her brain, she gets easily tired and is emotionally weak. She collapses when she hears anything unpleasant.

"She can’t handle shock, the doctors had informed us. Even when Arun was under medication for his leg pain, he would refuse to let his mother work. He would ask her to rest and promise he would take care of himself. The two share a very special bond. We kept this news from her till a week ago. When we finally did tell her, she couldn’t take it. She has been sick ever since, and hasn’t stopped crying.” – Devakumar. 


His father, a mechanic, can't afford the 15 lakhs needed to save his life

Devakumar, a cycle mechanic, is the only earning member of his family. With a daily wage of Rs. 100-200, the family has been barely getting by. So far, they managed to pay his expenses by borrowing money from their family and friends. But, 15 Lakhs is a huge number for them. They are in desperate need of funds.

“It has been 5 lakhs till now. We need 15 lakhs more for his chemotherapy. Our son’s life is on the line. We’ve got to save him. We led a simple life, but our bond was strong. I always took him to school on my cycle, and picked him up in the evening. I am yearning to comb his hair and drop him to school, like always. I miss him. He’s our world, and we are his. Please help us save our son.” - Devakumar.

At 15, Arun is going through physical, and emotional pain. Your contribution can help him recover.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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